Scout List Vol. 504

An agenda of the things we are doing, wishing we could do, or are conspiring to do in Vancouver from Jan. 2 to Jan. 8, 2019.
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Scout List Vol. 504

From our calendar to yours comes this carefully considered agenda of cool things we are doing, wishing we could do, or conspiring to do in Vancouver from January 2 to January 8th, 2019. Please note that you can now get the Scout List – with a few extra pieces of intel included – sent to your inbox every Thursday. Sign up for your subscription in the sidebar.

EAT LOCAL | The Farmers are back! The bravest of local producers return to Winter Farmers Markets this weekend. Head to the Nat Bailey Stadium parking lot on Saturday or skip over to the PNE on Sunday and load up on all your fruits and veggie needs, plus fresh bread, honey, dried fruits and scores of other goodies. Find out more.

Sat, Jan. 5 | 10am-2pm | Nat Bailey Stadium 4601 Ontario St. MAP
Sun, Jan. 6 | 10am-2pm | Hastings Park, PNE Hastings Park (PNE) MAP

WRITE | January is a good time to write letters and send thank you notes for all the holiday gifts and visits. It’s important to remind friends and family (including those you didn’t have a chance to break bread with) that you are grateful. If the task of sitting down at your kitchen table makes it feel like a chore, check out The Regional Assembly Of Text’s Letter Writing Club this Thursday night. It’s free, open to everyone, and supplies are provided. All the thankful people writing letters to pals is a great sort of energy to soak up and be around. Opening mail to find a handwritten note when all you ever expect are bills is a pretty sweet surprise, so be a part of it! Find out more.

Thu, Jan. 3 | 7:30pm | Regional Assembly of Text | 3934 Main St, Vancouver, BC V5V 3P2 MAP

ART POP-UP | There’s a rad-sounding art show popping up at the Gastown Tattoo Parlour this Saturday, featuring art by local illustrator, occasional tattooist and all-around cool lady, Marena Skinner. If you’re looking for a chill place to hang with some friendly local punks and fellow ink (and art) lovers, then this is the spot to be. Find out more here.

Sat, Jan. 5 | 7 - 10pm | Gastown Tattoo Parlour (Upstairs Attic Gallery) 1045 West Cordova Street MAP

MAKE SOMETHING | Looking to try your hands at something new for the new year without the commitment or anxiety associated with resolutions? We totally get it, and so does OH Studio. The OH is offering a bunch of one-day mug workshops that promises to leave you with a feeling of accomplishment without the pressure of hardcore commitment. Each hands-on class is two-and-a-half hours long on every Tuesday and Thursday evening – as well as Saturday mornings – beginning next week (January 8th) until February 9th. Registration and  details about what you can expect to learn can be found on the OH Studio website.

Tue, Jan. 8th - Sat, Feb. 9th | Various times | OH Studio | $65 - 75 per class #265 - 975 Vernon Dr. MAP

SCIENCE | The Beatty Biodiversity Museum begins 2019’s Way Cool Biodiversity series this Sunday with a lecture about what makes dinosaur teeth so cool. From the museum: “Did you know that dinosaurs could continuously replace their teeth throughout their lives, and some had hundreds of teeth in their mouths at one time? Even though dinosaur teeth seem very different from the teeth of humans and other animals, there are also many similarities. Join Dr. Kirstin Brink to examine dinosaur teeth in detail and discover more about their structure and replacement patterns. You will learn how comparisons between fossils and living animals can help understand the diets, lifestyles, and evolution of extinct animals.” Picking up a little extra knowledge about the natural world is only ever going to work to your advantage (if not in practical application, at least it will amp up your conversational entertainment value at cocktail parties and coffee breaks). Find out more.

Sun, Jan 6 | 1pm | Free with ($14) admission | UBC Biodiversity Museum | 2212 Main Mall, MAP

TREE CHIP | For those who’ve been holding fast to the Christmas dream, it’s time to move on. At its arboreal end, your tree has become a crispy version of its original self. Time to take the ornaments off and get that sucker to a chipper! Both Saturday and Sunday offer options (see below). Find out more.

Sat, Jan. 5 and Sun, Jan. 6, 10am to 4pm | Beach Ave and Broughton St 1204 Beach Avenue MAP
Sat, Jan. 5 and Sun, Jan. 6, 10am to 4pm | Trout Lake Community Centre parking lot) 3300 Victoria Drive MAP
Sat, Jan. 5 and Sun, Jan. 6, 10am to 4pm | Kits Beach parking lot (Cornwall /Arbutus St) Kits Beach MAP

ESCAPE | Vancouver is expecting rain every day this week. How nice would it be to press pause on that? As unlikely as that might seem, there is a way. Hiding out at the Bloedel Conservatory for a few hours usually does the trick. Artificially warm temperatures, exotic plants and flowers – and all those free-flying tropical birds! Use your imagination and you might just forget how miserable it is outside! Find out more.

Every day | 10am to 5pm | $6.50 4600 Cambie St, MAP

OPEN | December was a good month for interesting restaurant openings. Now that the chaos of the holidays is starting to subside, it’s time to catch up on Vancouver’s newest nosh spots.  Here are a few worth checking out: Ubuntu Canteen (from the Farmer’s Apprentice crew), the Pacific Northwest-inspired Dachi on East Hastings, Cambie’s tiny Usagi cafe, and burger/beer spot Hundy in Kitsilano.

Hundy 2042 West 4th Ave. MAP
Dachi 2297 Hastings St. MAP
Ubuntu Canteen 4194 Fraser St. MAP
Usagi 3720 Oak St. MAP

NATURE | An eagle plucking a salmon from a river is one of those National Geographic moments that you’re able to experience with your own eyes in British Columbia. Take a drive up the Sea-To-Sky highway this weekend and go for a walk along the river bank between Squamish and Brackendale. There you’ll find a raised “Eagle Viewing Dyke” offering a walk with breathtaking views and ample opportunities to see the eagles doing their thing. The mighty birds are in their highest numbers in this area right now, so go say hi. Prio tip: take some time out for a post adventure dinner at Salted Vine in Squamish.

Brackendale Eagle Watch Brackendale Eagles Provincial Park, Brackendale, BC, Canada MAP
The Salted Vine | Dinner Fri, Jan 4 - Sat, Jan 5 | 5 – 9pm | (closed for holidays January 6–17) 37991 2 Ave, Squamish, BC MAP

OR…JUST STAY HOME | January is a month of recalibration. If you’ve started a new exercise or diet regime, good for you. If you’re resolved to make even bigger changes and are slowly putting those plans in to action, even better. But if you’re still trying to figure where December went and need some time to decompress, there is no shame in reserving a day to stay home in PJ’s and do nothing. Make a warm cup of something and chill out while you listen to a podcast. Relax!

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