Five Reasons To Check Out ‘Got Craft’

The annual Holiday Edition of the DIY and indie craft fair Got Craft? is back for its 11th year this weekend, running from Saturday, December 8th to Sunday, December 9th.

As one of Vancouver’s biggest and longest-running markets of this type it can be a pretty overwhelming task to try and navigate all of the awesome, handmade goodness on offer at the Maritime Centre. That’s why we’ve taken it upon ourselves to compile a short list of what’s caught our attention – edible, wearable and otherwise – from this year’s long list of vendors…


In the case of this local cookie company’s goodies, the foodie-family business have taken fortune cookies and elevated them from culinary afterthought to a delicious next level. Past flavours adding an original twist to the folded after-dinner treat have included Birthday Cake, Minidonut, Gingerbread and Chocolate Toffee…and some of them are even dipped! These cookies are definitely worth looking forward to at the end of any meal… Bonus: the psychic sweets get packed up in their own Chinese take-out food containers.


This urban seed company from Mission has taken an original approach to seed-planting by honing in on some more niche gardening ventures and even individual personality types. Their seed collections include a “Quick and Dirty” mixture for impatient types and an “Edible Flowers” selection that comes with six different types of seeds, instructions for every step of their growth and use, plus a recipe for a wine-glazed flower garnished cheese… Pretty clever!


This knitting and publishing duo recently released their second book of knitting patterns, called This Must be the Place. The follow up to Strand is a concept-driven collection of patterns inspired by different locations across British Columbia that sounds pretty cool. Bonus: this one’s a two-fer if, like us, you’re looking for some new winter activity inspiration and/or are feeling gung-ho about making your own gifts this year.


It’s treats season! Although we love traditional holiday desserts, we’re also looking forward to switching it up with something a bit lighter, like some chewy, kawaii mochi buns from this local Japanese bakery. We’ve been meaning to pop by the South Fraser Street cafe since we spotted them over a year ago, so we’re excited to get our first taste at the market.


Phone accessories generally favour function over beauty – in fact, most of them are just plain ol’ ugly. That’s why we’re so stoked on this design studio’s slick and sustainable wooden creations for keeping our technology in order. In particular, we’ve got our sights set on the Muyo Wearable Earbud Organizer and Protector, which resembles an ancient, carefully carved yo-yo. It’s just the thing we didn’t know we needed to keep our earbuds neatly and stylishly tucked away.

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