Scout List Vol. 501

An agenda of the things we are doing, wishing we could do, or are conspiring to do in Vancouver from Dec. 5 to Dec. 11, 2018.
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Scout List Vol. 501

From our calendar to yours comes this carefully considered agenda of cool things we are doing, wishing we could do, or conspiring to do in Vancouver from December 5 to December 11, 2018. Please note that you can now get the Scout List – with a few extra pieces of intel included – sent to your inbox every Thursday. Sign up for your subscription in the sidebar.

GO GREEN | Sad Mag is a cool local magazine that celebrates independent art and culture in Vancouver. This Friday night they’re hosting the launch party for their latest issue (no. 26) and its Green theme. “Green is a concept as much as a colour. When we think of green, we think of jealousy, inexperience, and money. We think of the earth, good luck, and visitors from other planets. Perhaps we think of juice. Contributors to this green-themed issue of SAD explore every shade of green, and their insights go far beyond the colour wheel. Immerse yourself in stories of tree trimming and jade mining, learn about the art of brewing green tea, and get the scoop on the neon-green history of Mountain Dew. For this issue of SAD, green reigns supreme.” Expect house plants, green Jell-O shooters, a mystery photo booth, mini gherkins and other radness! Find out more.

Fri, Dec 7 | 8pm-late | 1659 Venables St, Vancouver MAP

RICOCHET | There’s a new art exhibit opening at Mount Pleasant’s Kafka’s Coffee & Tea this week. Artist Matthew Burditt’s work is both beautiful and powerful. From Kafka’s: “Matthew is a multi-disciplinary queer folk artist based in Vancouver. He works and educates mainly within the fashion industry. In 2016, after the death of both his parents, he started painting figurative portraits as a therapeutic connection to his mother who was a trained artist. Creation as a form of meditation helped Matthew to develop an interest in the process as a form of mourning in a way which was proactive and tangible. The central idea of Ricochet is the continuation of action via reflection.” For a taste of what to expect, have a look at the event webpage here. What better inspiration to brave the weather than a combination of interesting art, warm beverages and good people? Find out more.

Thu, Dec. 6 | 8-10pm | Kafka's Coffe & Tea | FREE 2525 Main St. MAP

GOT CRAFT | The good folks at Got Craft have once again assembled a top-notch line-up of artisans, designers and makers under one roof in order to deliver some great local and handmade quality with mall-style convenience without the mall-style gross. You’ll be able to pick up everything from socks, cards and textiles to wooden mushrooms, felted avocados and maple bacon sea salt. Perfect for gift-giving, cupboard-lining and self-indulgence! Take a look at the impressive vendor list here.

Dec. 8 + 9 | $3 | 10am-5pm | Maritime Labour Centre 1880 Triumph Street, Vancouver MAP

KRAMPUS | If you’re not feeling the whole Santa vibe, you might want to give Krampus a go. Strange Fellows Brewery has him visiting this Thursday night (December 6th, 7-9pm) and there’s nothing like a midweek visit with a Christmas monster to propel you into the weekend with purpose. Bonus: Krampus Double Abby Ale will be available on tap. And the fun doesn’t stop there…Strange Fellows is upping their holiday game by incorporating a Krampusmarkt and some great sounding Krampustime workshops as well. The craft fair goes down Friday (5-11pm) and Saturday (noon-11pm). Workshops include Ceramic Ornaments, Block Printmaking Cards, Hand-lettered Gift Tags and making Hand-tied Seasonal Green Sprigs and all workshops happen on Saturday (see the SF website for details here). Proceeds from the Krampusmarkt Workshops and photos with Krampus will be donated to the YWCA’s PEACE (Prevention, Education, Advocacy, Counseling & Empowerment). Can. Not. Wait. I love this place and the people who make it so cool. Find out more.

Dec, 6,7,8 | various times | Strange Fellows Brewing | 1345 Clark Dr. MAP

SHINY FUZZY MUDDY | Craft Fair madness continues! Don’t miss out on Shiny Fuzzy Muddy this week. Pick up cool ceramics by Kathleen Tennock, a rad little Mama Mui Lab ring holder by Sung Ah Cho (who wouldn’t want one of these under the tree?), and stunning textiles by Banquet Workshop — that’s just a small sampling of the good stuff available. All handmade. All local. All good.

Sat, Dec. 8 + Sun, Dec. 9 | 11am/10am – 6pm | $4 | Heritage Hall | 3102 Main St. MAP

A GIG FOR THE BOOKS | You may know him as Donald Glover, the actor, comedian, writer, DJ, producer or director. You may know him as Childish Gambino. Short story: the polymath finally plays the Rogers Arena on Friday night and THERE ARE STILL TICKETS!  This show will be worth every penny. Extra incentive: Glover recently announced that his current ‘This is America’ tour would be his last one ever as Childish Gambino. Tickets via Ticketmaster.

Fri, Dec 7 | 8pm | Rogers Arena 800 Griffiths Way MAP

SCIENCE | Hustle westward this Sunday and hit UBC’s annual Physics & Astronomy fair. This year The Faraday Show is focused on the scientific secrets behind magical wonders! Expect a day of demonstrations and hands-on activities aimed at exploring and answering questions like: “Why would something roll uphill, not downhill? Can you make something moving away come back just by thinking? How can a plate float in mid-air, with no one touching it? How can we make things disappear, and reappear?” All important things to know, right? This event is free and a good time for kids and adults who like to learn cool stuff. Try to bring along a non-perishable food items for the Greater Vancouver Food Bank! Find out more.

Sun, Dec. 9 | 2-3:30-pm | Room 2201 | LIFE Building (SUB) | LIFE building room 2201, 6138 Student Union Boulevard (UBC) MAP

SLOW DOWN | December has a way of getting hectic. Traffic, social engagements, shopping…the general velocity of the city jumps up a few notches this month, so for the love of all things wonderful try to pace yourself. Take a few hours out to wander one of Vancouver’s beaches. No one will be there, and we have lots of them to choose from. Bonus: they’re free. Remember free? Solitude, clear water and sand, can give yourself a better present than that this time of year? Note: a flask or thermos of something warming is a nice touch.

Kits Beach Kits Beach MAP

GET WEIRD | Tap into your strange side and head to Commercial Drive’s The Hall this weekend. Things will be getting seriously weird at the Venables St. space, which is hosting local curios shop This Monkey’s Gone to Heaven for two days of holiday shopping. This event isn’t kidding around: the Weirdos Holiday Market was specially designed to satisfy the most wild and eccentric inclinations, and is unlike any other holiday market going down in the city. In addition to the usual food, DJs and fully licensed bar, you can expect the absurd, including oddities like taxidermy and mushroom jewelry for sale, plus tarot card readings and strange performances…We can’t wait! Find out more.

Sat, Dec. 8 & Sun, Dec. 9 | 11am - 6pm | The Hall 1739 Venables St. MAP

ART | If you haven’t visited Granville Island recently, we’ve got three great and limited-time reasons for you to make the journey this month. Up until Christmas day there’s a rad-sounding trifecta of art popping up on the Old Bridge, featuring three THRIVE Mastermind artists. “All Together” Art Gallery & Shop features abstract paintings by Amy Stewart, photography and mixed media work from Shira Gold, and Crissy Arseneau‘s watercolour collage and mixed media pieces, aka a feast of art for every art-lover. Find out more.

Now to Mon, Dec. 24 | 11am - 6pm | 1494 Old Bridge St. (Granville Island) 1494 Old Bridge St. MAP

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