On Unopened Bottles of Trump Vodka and the Responsibilities of Food Journalists

Remember last week when we shared an article on a Portland burger joint that closed shortly after being named the best burger in America? Well, it turns out there was more to the story. The New Yorker’s Helen Rosner shares her take on the Thrillist essay, pondering omitted information and the changing responsibilities of a food journalist in today’s political climate.

And while the journalistic jury continues to deliberate on the value of ‘best of’ lists, Esquire just released their picks for the 20 best new restaurants across the US.

And while we’re at it, here’s Mel’s rankings of famous sandwiches by how healthy there are.

Eater’s helpful guide to tipping in almost every situation you can think of.

On the evolution of Canadian whisky (and an growing price tag to match).

Woah, some people will pay a lot of money for an unopened bottle of Trump’s failed brand of vodka.

Meanwhile, down in Texas… “Inchworm bandits” robbing Houston restaurants haplessly create performance art:

CCTV footage from a wave of after-hours robberies in Houston has birthed a viral sensation, thanks to the robbers’ tactic of commando-crawling on the floor, which has led to them being dubbed the “inchworm bandits.”

Chef Andrew Zimmern’s interview with Fast Company on his new Chinese restaurant venture is a case study in cultural appropriation in the culinary world. Zimmern would later issue an apology for many of the comments he made during said interview, although from the looks of that apology, he may have not totally grasped the problem of his original message…

As Eater NY editor Serena Dai points out, his apology also comes with the statement that: “I have championed Chinese-American culture and cooking for decades, and tried to do the same with establishing the importance of Italian American, Chilango, and Tex-Mex cultures. I have made a career of making invisible communities, cultures, tribes and businesses visible.” In those lines, Zimmern asserts his role as an arbiter and once again calls into question his default framing — “invisible” to whom?

If a trip to Seattle is in your near future, consider checking out Chef Edouardo Jordan’s first foray into bar ownership.

This week in interesting ways to smuggle cocaine across the border: fake cans of pickled jalapenos (and this method comes El Chapo-approved).

Scout takes a look back at the Gastown patio that helped signal the neighbourhood’s viability for new restaurants.

Let this be a lesson to you, fast food chains! If your CEO makes anti-LGBTQ remarks, your restaurant will likely not find a home on college campuses these days.

Alex Rhek of Rhek Creative and Cold World Frozen Goods takes us on a delicious tour of his favourite spots to eat and drink around town.

Eating via Instagram honours this week go to @gabiandjules because it’s Christmas cookie season and their plate of gingerbread men is surely a sign of all the festive baking to come:


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This website details the worst things for sale on the internet but I absolutely disagree on the Sriracha merch, especially the candy canes (which I kinda want to try)…

While the New York Times’ food section is usually a beacon of culinary delights, this week they’re ruining the french fry with facts and health statistics. Consider yourself warned.

Good news North Van pizza lovers! Nicli Antica Pizzeria opened their newest location this past week on Highland Blvd. Hooray for VPN certified pies!

The folks at The Globe and Mail debunk a number of booze-based myths to help you make informed, spirited choices this holiday season.

In the spirit of learning something new everyday, here’s the story of the Weihnachtsgurke and why every Christmas tree should have a pickle.

Here’s Punch on the unofficial (but kind of official) uniform of the early 2000’s bartender.

Turns out, bartending in a black T-shirt was a thing in the United States once upon a time, informed by a 1990s bar and club world that valued slimming and dirt-hiding apparel over bartending skills. Think of the poster for the 1988 film Cocktail. What is Tom Cruise wearing? Yeah, that’s right.

Looking for work in the industry? Check out who’s hiring!

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