Cabrito to Celebrate 3 Years on Commercial Dr. With Tapas, Pintxos, Live Music

The GOODS from Cabrito

Vancouver, BC | Thanks to your support and the great community around us, we’re quickly approaching our three year anniversary on Commercial Drive! We’d love for you to come and help us celebrate this milestone!

Starting at 8.30pm on December 1st, the team at Cabrito will be dishing out tapas and pintxos for you to enjoy with our complimentary signature sangria. And since no party is complete without great music, live Latin Soul will be played by Hugo Guzman, Lyndon Dewitt and Andre Stepanian.

We’ll also be fortunate to have Yared Nigussu join us to talk art and food. He’s the star artist who gives oomph to our room through his great mural. We look forward to seeing you all!

There’s no need to RSVP, just show up and help us have a great time.


(The photo above is me, also at 3 years old, drinking some Champagne.)

This is Cabrito

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