On Eating Up Election Cake and Drinking Beer in Fancy Cocktail Bars

Feel like writing a book on bar snacks or a guide to drinking beer in fancy cocktail bars? Because noted cocktail historian David Wondrich would like to read ‘em.

Will Ferrell’s Elf was released 15 years ago this year and to celebrate, a Chicago restaurant is serving up Candy-Syrup Spaghetti.

From Michelin Stars to school cafeterias: former Noma chef Dan Giusti is on a mission to change the way that kids eat.

“Chef Dan Giusti’s company puts chefs in school kitchens to cook lunches entirely from scratch, and as Brigaid’s chefs create recipes alongside existing cafeteria staff, they make better use of school kitchens and change perceptions of the school cafeteria worker.”

Another opening to look forward to: Japanese Wagashiya-style cafe Usagi will be offering baked goods and lunch sets on Oak Street in the coming months.

A powerful message from The Food Network’s Bob Bulmer on the small but crucial ways we can reduce our food waste at home.

On the headaches caused by food delivery apps that have some restaurants more than a little frustrated with the service.

Pourhouse Bar Manager Adam Domet let us in on his favourite spots to eat and drink when he’s not slinging drinks behind the stick.

I think it’s high time we bring back The Election Cake. Something tells me stress levels might be mitigated slightly if we all had a slice to snack on before heading to the voting booth these days.

If you simultaneously love and hate the holidays, you may want to consider adding this wine advent calendar to your wish list this year.

On the Arizona man that has collected over 8,600 bottles of hot sauce: Atlas Obscura reports.

Bon Appetit explores the food that fueled the successful teachers’ strike in West Virginia earlier this year.

Drinking via Instagram honours go to @origoclub. May all of our coffees be topped with fresh whipped cream and chocolate shavings:

Time to up your napping game by embracing the nappuccino – the pre-snooze coffee that some research has show to improve alertness and creativity upon waking.

How the youngest woman ever elected to congress describes the inextricable link between food and politics.

“For Ocasio-Cortez, food is political, and the most tangible indicator of our social inequities. Sure, as living beings we all must eat to survive—and there’s unity in that—but what we eat and how much and where it comes from and what we must do to get it varies widely.”

Thrillist ranks all 18 flavours of Doritos for your snacking pleasure. Also, why do we need 18 flavours of Doritos?

A renewed call for a name change as the Vancouver Food Policy Council takes issue with Fraserhood’s Escobar which opened its doors this past May.

Feel like taking a helicopter ride to a glacier and then dining in an aqua cave? It’ll only cost you a cool $20,000.

The Vancouver startup that is transforming restaurant space into office space to be rented during the day.

On the strange, earnest and devoted corners of food-specific subreddits.

“Many of the users have funneled into Put an Egg On It, the hyper-specific egg subreddit, as an act of rebellion against the more general food subreddit. Some who I spoke to hate the general food subreddit because of its rules. Some hate it because it’s filled with polished, professional-quality photographs that are perpetually voted to the top. On the smaller subreddits, photo quality doesn’t matter as much. These smaller spaces are a little less competitive, a little weirder, and a little more intimate.”

While the world continues to wonder if a hot dog is in fact a sandwich, The Takeout decided to bring in Jason Segal to get his take on the debate.

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