If You Try Something Amazing at Hopscotch Festival, Grab a Bottle of It at High Point

The GOODS from High Point

Vancouver, BC | Do you have your tickets for Hopscotch yet? High Point is your on-site pop up store for the event! If you taste something that you like, you can visit our booth beside the exit and purchase it on site from us. We look forward to seeing you November 24th and 25th!

About High Point | Our mission is to constantly seek out high-quality beer, wine and spirits to share with our customers and community and to offer these products in an optimal shopping environment; friendly, informative and convenient. Our vision is to be Vancouver’s best private liquor store; passionately focused on craft products, value, exceptional service and sustainability.

The neighbourhood where we are located, specifically the block on which High Point resides, is indeed the highest point of Hastings Street in Vancouver. Named in 1885 after Royal Navy Rear-Admiral George Fowler Hastings, Hastings is the most important east-west connector in the city; a street filled with diversity, from the busy office towers downtown through the rough-and-tumble DTES to the base of Burnaby Mountain. At High Point we celebrate this diversity – you will find it in our customer base, product offerings and staff alike.

For us, whether it’s a gathering of friends, a celebration or simply the end of a long workday, it is incomplete without the opportunity to raise our glass with our “cheers” of choice. This may mean an ice-cold beer on a hot day, a full-bodied red wine with a hearty meal or a dram of whisky as a nightcap. Sharing food and drink with loved ones is something to cherish and something that we never grow weary of. It is literally the high point of our day.

At our store we are serious about sharing unbiased, real-world tasting notes and scores for the beer, wine and spirits we sell. Every day we work at researching, consulting, tasting, evaluating and scoring in order to better inform our customers choices and enable them to be confident in their choices. High Point refers to just that: a high-scoring beer, wine or spirit; those special bottles that truly represent a particular style, where you can taste the craft and passion behind its creation. Those are the bottles we seek out to share with our customers.

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