On Upcoming Restaurants, Champion Tippers and What It Was Like Working With Bourdain

Assorted baked goodies from La Tana on Commercial Drive | Photo: Scout Magazine

Got a few pillowcases full of leftover Halloween candy? Eater lets us know how long the stash is good for.

A PechaKucha Night filled with ideas and stories about food and drink? This sounds way too delicious for Vancouverites to pass up!

From butter tarts and bourbon to Kraft Dinner and Côtes du Rhône, Atlas Obscura readers share the food and drink items they want left on their graves.

Anthony Bourdain’s editors and publishers detail what it was like to work with him.

He hated the words “action” and “cut” as he did not want the show to feel like it was “a product to be sold” to the audience. Bourdain did not allow any second takes during filming, so as to uphold the integrity that comes with documentary filmmaking.

Spare 25 minutes for this excellent podcast on the world’s best bartenders that time forgot.

Ashtin Berry on the women changing the way we tell stories in the world of whisky.

“Women have been drinking whiskey just as long as anyone else. “The way the media covers whiskey, you’d think women were brand spanking new at this. We’ve been around. We’re here,” Greene says. “When I started, women just were not given much [of an opportunity], especially if you weren’t white. But we all kept pushing.”

It can’t open soon enough but while we wait here’s a peek inside Mt. Pleasant’s highly anticipated, Spanish-inspired Como.

Ditto Ubuntu Canteen on Fraser Street the North Shore’s upcoming Nemesis.

California once again leads the way for progressive food legislation as Tuesday’s ballot will include a proposition to ban the sale of meat and eggs from animals raised in cages.

Resurrection Spirits GM and Distiller Apprentice David Wolowidnyk takes us on a tour of his favourite spots to dine and drink in Vancouver.

The curious story of a mid-80’s Paris dive bar that ghosted its faithful patrons.

“I left Paris in ’87, after living there on and off for four years, and by the time I returned a year or two later, it was gone—no trace of it. Now I can’t even find any mention of it online. I’ve no clue as to who owned it, what years it was in operation, how it went under. I wouldn’t be at all surprised to find out that I dreamed the whole thing up; I wish I could say I had.”

Missing the weekly Vancouver Farmer’s Markets yet? Fear not! The Winter Farmer’s Market started up this weekend at Riley Park and Hastings Park on Saturday and Sunday, respectively.

This week’s Eating via Instagram honours go to @evergreenkitchen and this visually satisfying array of purple vegetables:


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From loose cough drops to toothpaste, these are some of the strangest items that showed up in kids’ Halloween stashes this year.

Perhaps we shouldn’t have expected more from “Randy’s Hardcore Burgers,” which lists “The Casting Couch” and “The Fake Taxi” burgers as menu items. But the Weinstein Burger? Really, guys? Do better!

Congratulations to the Boston Red Sox on knowing how to leave a tip…..oh, and the whole World Series thing too.

Hey, folks! Cut it out with the glitter-bomb lattes and gold-encrusted chicken wings. We get it. You want people to Instagram your food, but your desperation is showing and it’s pretty gross.

And speaking of wings, Math Twitter had a field day this week as they attempted to decode the pricing structure for Danny’s Wok chicken wing special.

The spirits and distilling world paid tribute to master distiller Dave Pickerell after the the whisky expert passed away in San Francisco this past week.

This little-known soda brand created in Detroit is actually one of the oldest in the US and has a cult following among Midwesterners (and those from Windsor, for that matter).

This week in food and politics: a mayor, a couple of city counselors and a stolen piece of cake. If only all of our political news was this quaint these days!

The recently released Vancouver Eats cookbook tells the story of our city through the food we enjoy and the people that make it. Nice work, Joanne!

Looking for work in the industry? Check out who’s hiring!

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