Sons of Vancouver Releasing Barrel Aged Amaretto This Weekend

The GOODS from Sons Of Vancouver

North Vancouver, BC | Sons of Vancouver is releasing its Barrel Aged Amaretto this Saturday, November 3rd at its Distillery in North Vancouver and at Legacy Liquor. (It retails for $58 at the distillery and a couple bucks more at Legacy.)

It is a used 2 Bar Distillery American Bourbon Barrel, and was aged for 20 months, which is quite some time in the Amaretto world. This is their fifth Barrel Aged release. Tasting notes from SOV distiller James Lester:

“Boozy! Bourbon on the nose with dry oak. Tasting notes are warm sweetness with caramelized honeycomb and toffee moving into orange peel and American Whisky mid sip. It’s like an Old Fashioned cocktail in a bottle. Talk about finish; come find me next Wednesday. Oak, Bourbon and nutmeg drawn out on the finish. The amaretto notes are very subtle with this batch.”

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