Tonight, Chefs Amanda Healy and Alexandrea Fladhamer Are Teaming Up For a Special Feast

The GOODS from Royal Dinette

Vancouver, BC | Tonight (Monday, October 29th), Royal Dinette will host a FriendsGiving dinner. Royal Dinette’s new Chef Amanda Healy and Fiore’s Alexandrea Fladhamer are teaming up for this celebratory menu. The end of harvest brings in a range of produce to work with therefore this menu has been been built to highlight all that is fresh. This is as much a celebration of good food as it is a time to recognize those who grow and forage it. Our wonderful suppliers make this all possible so a big thank you to all that are contributing to this menu:

Glorious Organics
Zaklan Heritage Farm
Hannah Brook Farms
Vancouver Farmers Market
Hazelmere Organics
Sole Foods Urban Farm
Foraged goods from Lance Staples

Tickets and details here.

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