The Vancouver Club Is Searching For a Sommelier

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Vancouver, BC| The Sommelier will explain the wine list and help with pairings and selections. The Sommelier will discuss various aspects of the wine selection including the vintage, where it was made and the type of grapes used, and will also be able to offer advice on spirits, cocktails and beers. The Sommelier will support the service team and provide an energetic demeanour while keeping all cellars up to date and stocked, allowing the service team to focus on providing the highest standard of service.


– Ability to advise members and guests on wine selection and to supervise the day-to-day wine service in the Grill Restaurant, Captain’s Bar, and Seasonal Rooftop Garden

– Assist with wine sales in the Club’s Enoteca, includes specific wine selections for member’s private cellars, events, and corporate gift giving.

– Maintains visible accurate pricing of all items in the Enoteca

– Assist with wine service in tastings and specialty wine-focused club events

– Assist the fulfillment and shipping of wine orders, ensuring they are received and sent to specific addresses in a timely fashion

– Assist with monthly inventory

– Maintain the par levels and organization of the Club’s Enoteca and restaurant cellar.

– Assist in the wine training and development of the service team, providing options before service for pairings, and tasting notes

– Perform all other duties as required

To apply, please send your resume to rwindsor [at]


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