Scout List Vol. 495

An agenda of the things we are doing, wishing we could do, or are conspiring to do in Vancouver from Oct. 24 to Oct. 30, 2018.
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Scout List Vol. 495

From our calendar to yours comes this carefully considered agenda of cool things we are doing, wishing we could do, or conspiring to do in Vancouver from October 24 to October 30, 2018. Please note that you can now get the Scout List – with a few extra pieces of intel included – sent to your inbox every Thursday. Sign up for your subscription in the sidebar.

PLANT BASED | Vegan, vegetarian, or just plant-curious? The friendly folks from The Juice Truck have picked up a new space on Main Street and to kick it off right they’ve gathered together some of their favourite plant-based pals for a weekend pop-up. From dairy free pudding and bubbly kombucha to supplements and skin care, this three day event will deliver some seriously cool products from over 25 vendors. Scoot over to the FB event page for all the details here. Congrats on the new space, Juice Truck!.

Thu, Oct 25 - Sun Oct 28 | 11am=5pm | The Juice Truck (Main Street) 4236 Main St MAP

HOOVIE | There’s a film experience going down at HCMA Architecture + Design on Thursday that looks right up our alley. The Gastown design studio will be hosting a screening of the 2017 documentary “California Typewriter”. From the event page: “As the pace of technological innovation quickens, California Typewriter peeks into the worlds of artists, writers, musicians and collectors who welcome the sensual materiality of life at a typewriter’s pace…The thread that weaves this delightful film together is the family-run typewriter repair business in Berkeley, California. Its staff are expert in restoring and maintaining machines dating back decades (and longer), lovingly caring for them as kin. But can such a business survive the forward march of technology that threatens to shutter its door?” The film will be followed by a discussion with the event’s co-hosts from the Regional Assembly of Text, peeps who know a thing or two about typewriters! There’s only room for 50 at this makeshift theatre, so get your tickets here ASAP.

Thu, Oct. 25 | 6pm | HCMA Architecture + Design | $10 400–675 West Hastings St. MAP

GIGS | Vibes will be chill for Ty Segall’s acoustic show at The Biltmore on Thursday; while the Commodore Ballroom will be abuzz for the nearly sold out The Internet show in support of their groovy “Hive Mind” LP from earlier this year (hurry and get tickets for that here). If you’re feeling a bit darker this Friday but still don’t want to participate in the Halloween hullabaloo, then consider hitting up the Fox Cabaret for local post-punk band ACTORS’ homecoming early show in support of their brand new album. So many options, with no costumes required!

Thu, Oct. 25 | 8 - 11pm | Biltmore Cabaret | $30 2755 Prince Edward St. MAP
Thu, Oct. 25 | Doors at 8pm | Commodore Ballroom | $52.50 & up 868 Granville St MAP
Fri, Oct. 26 | 7 - 10:30pm | Fox Cabaret | $15 2321 Main St. MAP

PARADE OF LOST SOULS | Every year on the last weekend of October a shadowy procession of characters meanders through the streets of East Van. No one knows precisely which streets the parade will claim until the last moment, but when the crowd starts to gather and the lanterns are lit, the magic spreads throughout the whole community. Inspired by Day of the Dead celebrations, parade goers are encouraged to join the procession in costume, remember friends and family members who have departed, and celebrate life as they wander through dark streets enjoying pop-up performances, live music and art installations. Check the Facebook event page (here) at midnight on October 26th to find out the coordinates of the parade for the 27th. Find out more.

DARKNESS | Don’t fight Halloween. Jump into the creepy. Looking for some inspiration? Start soft with some Tim Burton, as there’s a 30th anniversary screening of Beetlejuice at the Rio. When you’re ready to ramp up to stalk-and-slash and bloodbath consider heading to The Cinematheque for a 1970’s Italian high art version of the genre, the neon-nightmare Suspiria by Dario Argento. Want to plan ahead for Halloween proper? Score yourself a ticket to the Don’t Lose Your Head! Halloween Party which sees costumes, a cash bar, something called “goblin ballet”, and a screening of Suspiria. Oh, and remember to check under your bed.

BEETLEJUICE | Sun, Oct. 28 | 5:30pm | $12 | Rio Theatre | 1660 E Broadway MAP
SUSPIRICA | Sun, OCT. 28 - 9pm | $13 | Cinematheque | 1131 Howe St. MAP

READ |  Grab some cash and hustle yourself down to the Vancouver Public Library this weekend for the famous Fall Book Sale. Rifle though thousands of discarded and gently used books. Thousands! And all of them going for less than $2.50 each. Don’t forget to bring a bag (or two). Find out more.

Thu (10am–9pm) Fri + Sat (10 am–6 pm) | VPL Main Branch 350 West Georgia St. MAP

BEER | Like yourself some good beer, upbeat music and crazy costumes? Strange Fellows is where you’ll want to be on Friday night. From the brewery: “Across many cultures, it is believed that autumn is when the barrier between our world and the afterlife is at its thinnest, and spirits from the other side come to visit. Welcoming them with music, food and drink is a way to celebrate lost souls, and so while the violins are tuning, our brewers are busy preparing a cask of Chipotle and Chocolate Stout to honour them with. Lest you be mistaken as someone who is ready for the afterlife, best wear a disguise to confuse the wandering spirits among us! We at least will recognize you as someone who deserves a free beer, whether it be your last in this life or not. (read: a free beer for those in costume).” Chipotle and Chocolate Stout, Vancouver’s only all-female Mariachi band (Las Estrellas) and happy people (all ages welcome) will make for a fun start to your weekend!

Fri, Oct 26 | 7-9pm | Strange Fellows | 1345 Clark Dr. MAP

JAPANESE FOOD FAIR | The Vancouver Buddhist Temple is holding a food fair in Railtown on Sunday. The vibe sounds a lot like one that will ring as true as the ‘Friday Night Suppers at the Vancouver Holy Trinity Ukrainian Orthodox Cathedral’, which is to say delicious, reasonably priced homemade dishes served at community tables. Obviously the difference here is that the cuisine is Japanese and we’re talking lunch instead of dinner. As one event organizers explains: “All the food is homemade and is unbelievably good. There’s also a large social hall that can sit a couple hundred guests, so you can stay and eat or take it to go. Some would say the food is enlightening!” Amazing. $5 homemade udon, ohagi and chicken teriyaki? Count us in! The window is tight (noon-2pm) and there will be line-ups, but we think making the time on your calendar will be worth it. Find out more.

Sun, Oct. 28 | noon-2pm | Vancouver Buddhist Temple 220 Jackson Ave, Vancouver, BC V6A 3B3 MAP

ART | Almost a year after Gallery Gachet and WePress community art space moved to their new shared home in the Beacon Hotel, the artsy peeps are finally ready to take a breather and open their doors to the public. Yup, the Grand Opening goes down this Sunday! Head over to the new space to check out what they’ve been up to and enjoy refreshments along with Letterpress and 3D Printer demonstrations (find out more here). Then, a couple of days later, WePress is offering a free Block Printmaking Workshop that sounds really neat. They’ll be supplying everything you need to make your own rubber block stamp so you can get hooked up for holiday cards, patches and other fun things to give as gifts and rock yourself. Get more details on that here.

Sun, Oct. 28 | 1 - 4pm | Gallery Gachet (inside the Beacon Hotel) 9 West Hastings St. MAP

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