We Want Local Outerwear Company Baro’s Cozy-Looking ‘Northlands’ Jacket

We’re a pretty satisfied bunch, but that doesn’t mean we aren’t covetous. Sometimes we see things out there that we just must have. Cool Things We Want is an archive of those earthly desires.

Jacket-wise, I’m unprepared for all the horrible weather on the horizon. The waterproof and breathable ‘Northlands’ insulated jacket from Vancouver’s own outerwear company Baro looks and feels just right for our sixth month rainy season, and I’m fixing to score one ASAP.

“The Northlands is ready to challenge any storm. Featuring our signature waterproof and breathable fabric, premium eco insulation, a drop-tail kick pleat, YKK front zipper, and a full-time hood. This coat always has your back.”

The cost is $348. I choose green. Get yours here.

  • FW18_Northlands_Black_HoodDetail_1024x1024
  • FW18_Northlands_Black_Main_1024x1024 (1)
  • FW18_Northlands_Black_Flat_1024x1024
  • FW18_Northlands_Black_Rollover_1024x1024
  • FW18_Northlands_Loden_Flat_1024x1024
  • FW18_Northlands_Loden_HoodDetail_1024x1024
  • FW18_Northlands_Loden_Lifestyle_1024x1024
  • FW18_Northlands_Loden_Main_1024x1024
  • FW18_Northlands_Loden_Rollover_1024x1024
  • FW18_Northlands_Loden_WaistSynch_1024x1024
  • FW18_Northlands_Navy_Flat_1024x1024
  • FW18_Northlands_Navy_Hoodadjust_1024x1024
  • FW18_Northlands_Navy_HoodDetail_1024x1024
  • FW18_Northlands_Navy_Main_1024x1024
  • FW18_Northlands_Navy_Rollover_1024x1024

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  1. I enjoy when they list the brand of the zipper as a feature. YKK has over 90% of the Global Zipper Market.

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