On Staying in School and Wealthy Singles Who Are Disgusted by Poor People

Tea & Two Slices is a long-running news round-up by NEEDS frontman and veteran restaurant dishwasher Sean Orr, who lives and works in Gastown. He is very aware of his privilege, so there’s really no need to remind him of it.

Regarding the one-day, so-called “Schoolhouse Squat” by homeless at Rutherford Elementary in Nanaimo over the weekend, you’re equally mad about offshore tax havens, right? Costs to clean up Schoolhouse Squat will impact education, says school board. Right, because when a fucking S.W.A.T. team armed with assault rifles bursts in to the empty public building that you are using to keep warm in, you totally have time to clean the place up…

Just so we’re clear here, these people would rather see homeless corpses than a box of needles.

A lot of people are condemning the squat, saying it damages their cause, but in their words: “For the first time, because of Discontent City, homeless people are visible, strong, have a political voice and are pressing for change. They’re no longer cowering at the feet of social workers and police; they’re fighting back.”

Those who are against this squat are on the same side as those who value property over the lives of actual human beings: Soldiers of Odin appear at tense standoff as homeless squatters occupy Nanaimo school. The irony here is that the squat was meant to find a safe place in order to escape harassment and violence by assholes like the Soldiers of Odin, who literally put them under siege. (If you can’t see who the real bad guys are here then you’re probably a neoliberal.)

And as Nicole Joliet reminds us, “reactionaries’ response to a radical action is the worst possible way to measure its success because reactionaries will never be okay with threats to their power and will always find some way to spin the action as negative.”

Because organizing matters: Tent Cities, Self-Determination, and (Against) The Fascist Targeting of Homeless People.

Study finds prescription opioids not a significant driver of B.C. overdose crisis. How can they say this? Sure, you may not overdose on prescription meds, but what the fuck do you think people use when they can’t get them anymore?

Hey, are you disgusted by poor people too? I have just the thing: Exclusive, invite-only dating app The League launches in Vancouver Tuesday. I’m not usually a proponent of catfishing, but you could have a lot of fun with this.

Like, imagine this guy is on there: He Sold $800 Million of Luxury Homes During a Housing Crisis, then Bragged in His Own Magazine. Hello, I am a young female woman and am also rich please meet me in a dark alley.

Related: Homeless in US: A deepening crisis on the streets of America. Austerity kills:

But this is a crisis long in the making. Cuts by the federal government to affordable housing programmes and mental health facilities in the last few decades helped send many to the streets nationwide, officials and service providers said, as local authorities were unable to fill the gaps. The current affordability problem is now adding to it.

I mean, is it any wonder people are starting to embrace socialism? Socialism Is Incredibly Popular but Does Anyone Know What ‘Socialism’ Is? You mean other than an awareness that the system we currently have is completely broken and only serves to concentrate wealth in the hands of an elite few who don’t pay their fare share of taxes while perpetuating the multi-pronged crises of climate change, opioid overdoses and lack of affordable housing?

This is perfect. Appropriated working class icon to be overshadowed by condos. Peak Vancouver: Sacred cross? Neighbours fight to stop 8-storey office tower from obscuring East Van. But also, who cares?

Speaking of not caring: Voter tune-out: Why do so few people vote in Vancouver elections? Because it’s a petty shit show that brings all the weirdos out of the wood work?

Satire of the day: Canadians thankful they can’t name single Canadian Supreme Court Justice.

Runner up: Cargo short creator to be awarded Order of Canada.

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  1. I just really want to read Sean’s opinion on a place on the Drive having a Director of Coffee.

  2. Hilarious. Lum’s East Van piece, which mocks a religion, represents grafitti, may be a stolen & designed by a guy who left the country, suddenly needs its view protected. The building will be – for many decades – the workplace of 1200 decently-paid employees, most of whom may well live in and support the economy & community of east van. A no-brainer.

  3. the comments on the first squat article are rough…. one woman called them domestic terrorists… yikes

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