On Sending Steaks Back and Making Fake Dinner Reservations for Horrible People

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Bad news for seltzer lovers as LaCroix is being sued for using artificial ingredients found in certain insecticides in their beloved sparkling water.

On the bright side, the folks at Munchies are assuring the public that the stuff won’t kill you.

Feel awkward sending that overcooked steak back to the kitchen? Eater has some tips and tricks for making a complaint in a restaurant.

The newest location of La Taqueria opened with a bang last week, hosting a cocktail competition to celebrate their new Yukon St. storefront!

While recent changes to award submissions are attempting to address issues of diversity and inclusion, the James Beard Foundation still has a long way to go when it comes to its awards for journalism.

“…the $150 submission fee for the chance to even be nominated for a Beard award — let alone win — is ludicrously high, and as such has long been exclusionary for writers from underrepresented communities, freelancers, and those just starting out.”

This week in food history: the fascinating story of the first person to spread butter on bread. For real though, it involves a castle, Copernicus and a novel idea to fight the plague…

I’ve heard a number of stories about sneaking booze into a movie theatre but this mom took it to the next level when she snuck alcohol into a matinee using her kid’s sippy cup.

If you’re thinking about heading to the burger pop-up on Mondays at The Downlow Chicken Shack, plan accordingly because – as the Scout folks found out – they are both delicious and in high demand.

More than a year after Hurricane Maria, SAVEUR explores how Puerto Rico continues to rebuild its food economy.

Brooklyn-based chef and activist Ora Wise on her favourite playlists, greatest pleasures and the best thing she did this year.

Drinking via Instagram honours this week go to @jackymchui and a quiet moment over a cup of coffee at Revolver:


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If you think manufacturers are doing weird stuff to our food now, check out what folks used to do to milk in the 19th-century to maximize profits.

It was the end of an era this past Saturday in Tokyo when Tsukiji – the 83 year old, world famous, wholesale seafood market – opened for its final day before moving to its new, $5.3 billion location.

A round of applause for this would-be homecoming queen who attempted to bribe her fellow classmates with pot brownies in exchange for their vote (I’m guessing she still lost because everyone who ate them was too high to remember to cast a ballot).

After a rough response to previous articles on fake meat, the Globe & Mail’s Alex Gill steps back into the ring to review two new vegan options in the city.

This week in strange drinking news: the curious case of the a bunch of drunk birds wreaking havoc in a small town in Minnesota.

“A surprise frost led local berries to ferment earlier than is typical, and there’s a corresponding increase in drunk birds in Gilbert. Residents sound concerned, with one responding, “That explains all the birds bouncing off my window lately!” and another claiming that seven birds had run into their car.”

A huge demand for American whiskey has made a few brands harder and harder to come by (and we’re not longer just talking about bottles of Pappy).

30,000 L of prosecco accidentally and explosively went bye-bye at an unspecified winery in Conegliano, Italy…

Conegliano: troppo mosto nel Silos , tracimano 30 mila litri di Prosecco !!

Posted by L'enoteca Zanardo Giussano on Tuesday, September 25, 2018

A new study finds that a vaccine made from mushrooms may be the thing that saves endangered honey bee colonies: Mother Jones reports.

You’d think it would be difficult for Harvey Weinstein to get a table of six during prime time at some of New York City’s best restaurants with little notice. Alas, not.

Looking for work in the industry? Check out who’s hiring!

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