On Cheap Transit Passes and the Happiest Day in Christy Clark’s Life

In case you missed it, Quebec has elected an anti-immigrant, nationalist, one percenter: Here are the priorities of Quebec’s new CAQ government. I don’t know very much about the vast minefield that is Quebec settler-colonial politics, so here’s Dock Currie:

I mean, there are a lot of things that could be said about the CAQ winning power in Quebec. The Beaverton is going with ‘Quebec not unique or different to anywhere else.’ Well, that’s partially true, but the point is in the specificity of similarities. How about ‘neoliberal politician berates impoverished public over the price of bread and is defeated by fascist,’ that seems to be a guiding thread. Yes, it is all well and good to decry the monster and all that it stands for, but what of those who have gone out of their way to facilitate its coming to power? Why isn’t militant no-future minimalist liberalism regarded as criminally negligent in this respect?

Philippe Couillard’s doubling down on the proposition that a family of three should be able to feed themselves on $75 dollars a week, and expecting people to enthusiastically endorse such a malformed and cruel world view, so perfectly encapsulates the aporias of contemporary politics. And this is the result. The message of CAQ, that minorities are to blame for society’s woes, is false, and abhorrent, and yet it has been made plausible in the minds of the masses; and liberalism, in its hypocrisy, is implicated in furnishing the conditions for this psychic plague.

Indeed, the silver lining being that Quebec Solidaire picked up a bunch of seats. Michal Rozworski adds “With the old parties crumbling and the CAQ governing, Quebec will dearly need this real left opposition rooted in movements over the next 4 years”. Derrick O’Keefe reminds us “The centre cannot hold back the toxic right-wing tide — strong, genuine left politics needed now more than ever in the electoral arena and on the streets”.

And while she might not be the notwithstanding clause-loving Doug Ford and François Legault, we have our own version to worry about: Best Bet to Win Wild Race? Wai Young by a Powdered Nose.

Enter Wai Young. She wants to rip out the bike lanes. It’s “Build the Wall!” but in reverse. Enough with the unrealistic utopian goals — it’s time to replace them with ludicrous reactionary schemes.

Meanwhile, Kamloops parent speaks out after son’s ‘propaganda’ assignment. “This is 1984-esque propaganda at its very worst. It is essentially molding the next generation of voters to believe that Conservatives or people “on the right” are misogynist racists who hate immigrants and want to enact a brutal police state.” Where is the lie?

Of course, racism isn’t limited to one side of the political spectrum, because racism is itself a system and not a belief that an individual expresses with conscious intent. However, the right seeks to protect these systems of racial hierarchy vis a vis the preservation of the status quo. Remember kids, racism isn’t a question of attitude, it’s a question of power.

Closer to home: $40B LNG project in northern B.C. gets go-ahead. That this is the happiest day of Christy Clark’s life should tell you all you need to know about this deal, but here’s Stuart Parker anyway:

George Heyman joins Justin Trudeau and John Horgan in being excited about how adding 13 megatons to our emissions will help them fight climate change.

They even get to build a new pipeline across the mountains to Tidewater, all while giving $6 billion to Royal Dutch Shell, a filthy rich transnational corporation still best known for its stalwart support for Apartheid.

And with all the mutual congratulations of Rich Coleman, Christy Clark and Keith Baldrey, we know this project really fits with the Blairite values that unite industrialists, labour aristocrats, CanWest-Global cheerleaders and climate nihilists.

What a day to be a British Columbian!

Costs for Regina Park camp could add up to $1M. What this article conveniently fails to mention is that the costs are less than what operating an emergency shelter for this many people would be. Of course, it would be even less if we actually housed them.

Alas, we can’t even feed them: Langley non-profits slapped with fines for feeding homeless in the park. Kimz Angels should make shirts that say “Armed with a menacing amount of mayo”, lol.

ACAB of the day: Meagan Katsiris: Police misconduct in the Downtown Eastside.

Best idea of the day: COPE party pitches $41 transit pass for Vancouver residents as more fare increases are coming.

Hockey of the day: ‘I could not stand being alone in my brain’: Islanders goalie Robin Lehner opens up about his addiction and bipolar diagnosis.

Listen to my interview with mayoral candidate Kennedy Stewart. Starts at the 16 minute mark: TATS Episode 28.

Bonus: Pro Rep Fact Checker.

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  1. Quebec dearly need’s Quebec Solidaire? No, it’s a scattered protest movement led by a hate-driven, disinclusive, radical lesbian feminist that would have business & trade run by unionized govt. They got the majority of votes from fools who bought the promise, essentially that “everything will be free or half-price.” But QS refused to reveal who’d pay for it. Under pressure to be open & honest, QS suggested they’d tax the shit out of businesses. Last time Que did that (70s/80s) hundreds of corporarions and hundreds of theusands of citizens (including my family) fled that province.

    The QS is a menace to civil society and a healthy economy.

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