Good Times Brewing at Strange Fellows With Mariachi Band, New Beer for All Hallows Eve

The GOODS from Strange Fellows Brewing

Vancouver, BC | In the spirit of celebrating all souls, both living and dead, we are thrilled to have Las Estrellas – Vancouver’s only all-female Mariachi band – back to serenade us at Strange Fellows.

Across many cultures, it is believed that autumn is when the barrier between our world and the afterlife is at its thinnest, and spirits from the other side come to visit. Welcoming them with music, food and drink is a way to put lost souls to rest, and so our brewers are busy preparing a cask of Chipotle and Chocolate Stout to honour them with.

Lest you be mistaken as someone who is ready for the afterlife, best wear a disguise to confuse the wandering spirits among us! We at least will recognize you as someone who deserves a free beer, whether it be your last in this life or not.

Friday, October 26th | 7-9pm | All ages welcome!


Join us on Sunday October 28th for an afternoon of pumpkin carving with friends and family. All ages welcome. Pumpkins by Donation to the Vancouver Food Bank. First come – first served.

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