On Hotboxing Lobsters to Death and the Archaeology of Brewing in the Holy Land

Atlas Obscura reports on evidence of the oldest beer ever brewed, which was found in Raqefet Cave in Israel.

BBQ gets political in the race for Ted Cruz’s Senate seat in Texas.

It’s a bit of a grand title, but Fast Company gives us the Untold Story of the Vegetable Peeler that Changed the World.

The Daily Beast charts the rise and fall of the American “breastaurant”.

“We had to perform the emotional labor of pretending to find these men fascinating, while deflecting their bolder advances because Hooters is, after all, ‘a family restaurant.’”

How a black community came together to address the issue of food desserts after their calls for a grocery store were ignored for nearly 20 years.

“After decades of failed attempts to woo another chain, residents decided to create one themselves, opening a resident-owned cooperative grocery in the former food desert in late 2016. The Renaissance Community Co-op is the first of its kind in the nation, and residents like Graves made it possible.”

The PNE featured some crazy food items this summer but they are all about to be outdone by the Pickle Juice Kool-Aid Sangria that will be on offer at the Texas State Fair this week.

If you get off the skytrain at Broadway City Hall and have a moment of panic when you see that La Taqueria has closed their Cambie restaurant, fear not! Just walk a block over to Yukon to check out their new location!

You know we’re living in strange political times when a guy dressed as the Kool-Aid man attempts to run for mayor in Terrace, BC. (It’s vaguely reminiscent of that time Mr. Peanut ran for mayor of Vancouver in 1974.)

Scout rounds up their picks for the city’s best new restaurant of 2018. Don’t forget to weigh in on your favourites.

Salt Bae is facing some serious backlash after hosting Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro at his restaurant in Istanbul. And just in case you don’t know who Salt Bae is, here’s a quick primer.

While it may sound like fake news, Australians are dealing with the very real situation of someone sticking needles inside of commercially sold strawberries.

If you’re heading over to the island but craving a little taste of home, just pay a visit to the recently opened Milano Roasters in the heart of downtown Victoria.

Eating via Instagram honours this week go to @niclipizzeria. Now pass the scissors ‘cause it’s time for a slice:


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If you thought hotboxing was just for humans you’d be wrong. This chef has decided that getting her lobsters high prior to cooking them is the more humane way for them go.

Despite owning a lobster restaurant for seven years, she told the Mount Desert Islander that she felt bad when lobsters showed up to be killed with “no exit strategy.” So she picked out a lobster named Roscoe and literally hotboxed him. He chilled out. He didn’t snap his claws. He seemed relaxed. Now, Gill’s restaurant will have a hotboxing tank to sedate more lobsters, with a pump to infuse the water with pot smoke. (Roscoe was thanked for his service and released back into the ocean.)

Unfortunately, the department of Health and Human Services is putting the kaibosh on her plan, advising the restaurant that serving high lobsters to their customers is illegal.

The bad news: we’re going to be saying goodbye to Cinara this winter. The good news: the owners will be opening up a second location of their more casual Italian concept Autostrada in its place.

This week in “more evidence that avocados have jumped the shark”: deconstructed avocado toast. Really!? Is this really what we’ve come to?

The ironic story of 16th century lords and ladies consuming gold-infused tonics as an anti-aging elixir (ironic because the mixture likely killed them).

The folks at Snopes debunk everything in this very dumb video that claims to reveal the “shocking secrets of the food industry.”

The line cook-turned-eating psychology coach who would like us all to put down our phones, step away from our computers and begin to remember how to actually enjoy our food again.

Three female chefs speak to the ways they are trying to make their kitchens and their restaurants less toxic spaces for women.

Libby Willis has described Meme’s Diner, her restaurant in Brooklyn, as “very, very gay.” Willis and co-owner Bill Clark identify as queer, as do many of the people who work for them. “It’s a queer space in that it’s our space,” she says. “But what it means to our staff and our customers is that it’s a place where all different kinds of identities are welcomed and accepted—and not questioned.”

Looking for work in the industry? Check out who’s hiring!

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