Steamworks Brewing Releases New Beer Inspired by the Pacific Northwest

The GOODS from Steamworks

Vancouver, BC | Before the days of hazy IPA’s, there existed a hop forward beer that reigned above the rest: the Northwest IPA. Steamworks Brewing announced that they are heading back to their Pacific Northwest roots with the brand new release of their North by Northwest IPA.

Paying tribute to the famous craft beer region that Steamworks calls home, the North by Northwest IPA will remind you of what made you love IPAs in the first place. This clean hop intensive brew features strong, dank, pine and citrus notes up front and finishes dry with a moderate bitterness.

The North by Northwest will be available in all Steamworks Hoppy Mash Ups alongside their Flagship IPA, Session IPA, and Black Angel IPA.

The updated Hoppy Mash-Up is now available at the Steamworks Brewery and Taproom (3845 William St.), Steamworks Brewpub and Liquor Store (375 Water St.) and will be shipping out to liquor stores everywhere soon. Check out the Steamworks website and social media channels for more information.

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