On Facebook Shenanigans and Electing the People Who Are Part of the Problem

Party’s over: Is the Party Era in Vancouver Politics Over? The City of Glass is a transparent petri dish of peak neo-liberalism and this election is a referendum on unchecked global capitalism packaged in a progressive capital G green compostable wrapper (and we always fuck up referendums).

It’s all surface appearance over substantive policy. It’s the perfect election for this Banana Smoothie Republic, replete with astro-turfing and progressive-washing. It’s why we can’t have nice things, to use a tired colloquialism:

“In an election setting like this, there’s so much information for voters,” said Prest. “They only have so much time. People have generally less interest in municipal politics than in federal politics, which is a strange thing when you think about how much more it affects their daily lives. And if the majority of the population thinks of themselves as progressive, is not a bad tactic.”

Oh, and in the spirit of full disclosure I donated 5 bucks to COPE because I wanted them to match Chip Wilson’s single donation to Vision last election. Also, in the spirit of full disclosure I’ve torn down about three of these posters on Water Street: Where did Vancouver mayoral candidate Hector Bremner get all that money for those billboards?

And then, miracle of miracles, a benevolent and well-financed group no one has ever heard of peppers the city with billboards featuring your photo and endorsing your party and housing plan, even before all the details are released. You might admire the photo, shot without your trademark dark-rimmed glasses and showing you, chin up, collar open, gazing out across your city. It looks, almost visionary. What luck!

Oh, and the Facebook group has been deleted so we’ll never know who it was: Facebook group behind controversial Hector Bremner election ads deleted. That is some sloppy ass progressive-washing right there…

It was probably one of these dudes: Exclusive: Vancouver mayoral candidate filings reveal allies, backroomers and real estate holdings. “Kelly said he is acutely aware of the high demand for housing because he owns several condos for investment purposes in Vancouver and Kelowna.” Oh wow, if that doesn’t just sum up this guy perfectly.

Then there’s Sim:

NPA mayoral candidate Ken Sim’s disclosure form lists a $3.67 million house in Arbutus Ridge, which assessment records show is in the name of his wife, Teena Gupta. Sim also has a $288,000 Whistler suite through his company, Chindian Holdings. His assets include Nurse Next Door Professional Homecare Services Inc., Rosemary Rocksalt Ltd. and Sim (2016) Family Trust.

Chindian holds an undisclosed number of shares in rideshare company Lyft, which could fall under partial civic regulation when the NDP government finally legalizes the industry in B.C. in 2019 or 2020. NPA spokeswoman Wendy Hartley said Sim would place Lyft and other shares in a blind trust or sell them, should he become mayor. He also favours implementing a conflict of interest commissioner or ombudsperson at city hall.

Sim’s endorsers include Teck Resources director Tracey McVicar, West Coast Liquor director Roger Gibson, Lululemon founder Chip Wilson, and motorcoach fleet owners Robert and Joanne McMynn.

God damn, Rosemary Rocksalt were the only bagels I could find that came close to St. Viateur. Good thing I’m going to Montreal in a month. (Now taking orders.)

The rest: Twenty-one candidates enter Vancouver mayoral race, including Connie Fogal, Jason Lamarche, and Roller Girl. Look…I mean…I like Kennedy Stewart and it’s his race to lose but I just don’t see how he can compete with this:

“I live in the utter udder bliss of my Milky Way Universal breast vortex. Pure bliss in the 13th vibration vibrating my quantum signature oom (11v) my genetics DNA Logos Word (10v) which becomes my consciousness (9v) of every breath I’ve ever breathed.”

Cops kill directly and indirectly: DTES harm reduction kiosk loses location after Friday police raid. Never mind the fact that cannabis is legal in exactly one month; this is about the long-standing pattern of neglect for human lives the VPD has consistently shown. Pivot Legal: “This is deeply troubling. In the midst of an opioid overdose crisis, interrupting life-saving harm reduction is unconscionable, morally reprehensible, and potentially fatal.”

New BC Hydro charge sparks outcry from customers. What about an outcry at building a dam to power tar sands on crumbling shale? Zilch. But charge people a quarter so people don’t get their power cut off because they are living paycheque to paycheque in the most expensive place in the world coupled with stagnating wages? Outrage! Why the fuck are people so anti-social? Social assistance is a very basic and primary function of government.

Bonus: Fact-Checking Jian Ghomeshi’s Comeback Attempt.

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  1. All of this is great except for the part about St. Viateur bagels. Fairmount for life!!

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