New Soft Shell Crab Burger Debuts at Thurlow’s 49th Parallel & Lucky Doughnuts

The GOODS from 49th Parallel

Vancouver, BC | Our Executive Chef Aaron has yet another surprise in store for the Vancouver food industry. This week, 49th Parallel and sub-brand Lucky’s Doughnuts are officially releasing the Soft Shell Crab Burger; the first of its kind in the city.

The soft crab shell is a crab that has shed its shell and has not been able to grow one back before getting caught, which means it can be eaten without any worries. Combined with the perfect ingredients, this flavourful burger is one of a kind.

Tucked under fresh buns spread with kimchi mayo, a citrus and peanut slaw covers the fried soft shell crab generously. This delicacy is topped with fresh scallions and coriander, adding a refreshing kick to the whole tasting experience. There are two versions of this burger available and they both go for $12. Available at our Thurlow Cafe, everyday till 2pm.

Spiced crab burger
Fried soft shell crab, citrus and peanut slaw, kimchi mayo, fresh scallions and coriander

Avocado crab burger
Fried soft shell crab, avocado, lettuce and mayo.


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49th Parallel Coffee Roasters & Lucky's Doughnuts (Thurlow)
Neighbourhood: Downtown
689 Thurlow St. | 604-620-4905 | WEBSITE
New Soft Shell Crab Burger Debuts at Thurlow’s 49th Parallel & Lucky Doughnuts

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