On Finding Cheap Michelin Eats and Donald Trump’s Loathing of Tiki Bars

Restaurateur and author Jen Agg addresses the trivialization of abusive language within the restaurant kitchen.

“As we come to the moment in the #MeToo story when we finally ask what constitutes abuse beyond rampant sexual harassment, I’m distressed by the horrifying, circular, garbage-fire reaction that is “Have we gone too far?” (We haven’t. Asking the industry to clean up its language along with its behavior really is the bare minimum.)”

One of America’s top bartenders shares his story of struggle with mental health and substance use, issuing a call for additional supports for those working in hospitality.

Strathcona’s The Garden opened its doors this past week on East Hastings. While the liquor license is still pending, all other food and drink is ready to go!

What does Donald Trump have to do with the decline of New York City’s tiki bar scene? It turns out, plenty.

Here’s one to really look forward to: False Creek’s Ancora will be expanding its Peruvian-Japanese cuisine to the North Shore in the coming months.

The World’s 50 Best Restaurants is revamping its voting panel for 2019 in order to be gender balanced. However, they continue to struggle with issues of representation within the awards themselves.

In the wake of the Amazon purchase and subsequent layoffs, Whole Foods employees are looking to unionize.

This week in WTF: This fish shop was shut down after putting googly-eyes on their fish to make them appear more fresh.

The sad-desk-lunch horoscope from the folks at Bon Appetit is truly the only way to know what the culinary fates have in store for you this month.

Want to experience a Michelin-Star restaurant without breaking the bank? Here are the most affordable award-winning spots around the world.

Drinking via Instagram honours this week go to @foodgressing and a lovely afternoon spent hanging with puppies and lingering over a cup of coffee at Prado:

The Vancouver Sun asked readers about favourite tacos around town and folks weighed in.

Move over poutine! Newfoundland’s Salt Fish and Cream crackers are as Canadian as cheese curds and gravy!

Merriam-Webster has finally caught up with our affinity for abbreviated language as “guac,” “marg” have officially been added to the dictionary.

I’ve heard of some dumb food trend’s but Jordan Peterson’s all-meat diet takes the cake. Why anyone would take nutrition advice (or any advice for that matter) from that guy is beyond me.

The Guardian challenges everything we think we know about sustainable eating and provides some practical, sound alternatives.

A call for improved meals are among the list of 10 demands from prisoners in the US engaged in a month-long prison strike.

“In addition to serving inedible food, prisons across the country have come under scrutiny for serving meals that lack nutrients essential to a healthy diet, and prison portions are notoriously small. For example, a 2017 report by Prison Voice Washington found that Washington state routinely failed to meet its own minimum requirements for the amount of fruit, vegetables, dairy, whole grains, and protein needed in prison meals.”

The Atlantic gives a bit more context to a recent study which declared alcohol unsafe in any quantity.

Looking for work in the industry? Check out who’s hiring.

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