Kitsilano’s AnnaLena Announces Appointment of Award-Winning Dave Bulters to Bar Team

the GOODS from Annalena

Vancouver, BC | Pulling up a seat at the bar at one of Kitsilano’s most sought-after restaurants will have you greeted by a familiar Aussie accent and a seductive beverage menu. AnnaLena is thrilled to introduce Dave Bulters to the AnnaLena bar team.

Dave’s 12 years of experience started back in Australia where he ambitiously chose to work at places with a strong cocktail influence so he could learn solid hands-on training. His roots began at Blondie in Melbourne and at the Beresford hotel in Sydney, with a favorite memory mixing-it-up on NYE at the Sydney Opera House with fireworks going off overhead. Since moving to Canada over 3 years ago, Dave could be found wetting the palettes at Juniper and The Oakwood before coming on board with the AnnaLena crew.

“Give people what they didn’t know they wanted and they’ll come back for more,” says Dave. “I’m eager to see the bar and cocktail program at AnnaLena gain as much respect and recognition as the food and wine programs have. This is where I would choose to be if I had a night out in Vancouver, and it’s exciting to work alongside a team who is so passionate about what they do.”

Dave recently won the Jameson Barrelman Challenge and was flown out to Ireland to represent Annalena earlier this summer. As Dave’s main passion while traveling is to visit as many distilleries and wineries as he can, he has returned with barrels of beer and whiskey knowledge ready to craft up something fresh and tasty.

When Dave has time away from satisfying the thirst of others, you will find him kickboxing, hiking, skiing, or out on the town drinking with friends. If you were to catch him alone indulging in his own cravings, he would have a wheel of cheese in one hand with a delicious glass of red wine in the other.

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