On the Danger of ‘Helmetless Hipsters’ and Billing Oil Companies for Forest Fires

Yeah, fuck these guys and their zero emissions! Vancouver’s holier-than-thou cyclists are ruining it for everyone. Take a drink every time Grant Lawrence uses the words “helmetless” and “hipster”.

This is huge: B.C. government launches lawsuit against opioid manufacturers to recoup overdose crisis costs. Now, sue oil companies to pay for fighting forest fires. Sue fast food companies to pay for diabetes. Tax corporations for every dollar that their low-wage workers receive in government assistance and call it, rightly, the Stop BEZOS act.

Indeed, sue every corporation that profits from human misery: “Instead of obsessing over the self-actualized perfected person, maybe we should care more about equality, community, vulnerability, and empathy. Maybe we should get out of our heads and be more present in the world around us. I think that’s how we build a better world.”

Instead of pathologizing addiction without understanding the root causes: The underlying causes of an escalating crisis.

The burgeoning consensus among nearly every professional who has taken a serious look at addiction is that it is not a moral failing or weakness of will, and it is not determined solely by genetics. Yet these misunderstandings show up in public policy, as seen in our criminal justice system, and in medicine, as seen in the overwhelmingly autocratic, pharmaceutical-based response to addiction.

To solve the issue of addiction, we should be tackling it at the roots, not focusing on the symptoms.

Speaking of getting it wrong on drugs: Spike in cannabis overdoses blamed on potent edibles, poor public education. Nope. Alan Ranta:

Shame on CBC News for continuing to publish conservative conspiracy theories and hysterical misinformation like this obviously dubious piece of stupid.

No one has ever “overdosed” on pot. You can take a lot of it and not feel very well, but you are not at risk of dying like you are when taking too many Tylenols or drinking too much alcohol. It’s not an “overdose” if the only cure is sitting in bed and watching TV for a few hours; that’s just called a Saturday.

This is a gross misuse of the term “overdose” considering we are in the midst of a Fentanyl pandemic where countless people are overdosing and dying every day in this country. This is irresponsible journalism, CBC. Get your shit together.

Abolish prisons: I’m a Burnside jail inmate, and also a human being. Here’s why you should care about our protest. “Rehabilitation” and “transparency” are two words that should never be used in describing this facility. The bare necessities required for a healthy and productive life aren’t being provided here. Every time you can’t get a towel, a change of clothes, or a pair of shoes your size — your government has failed you.

Video of VPD arrest at Whitecaps game has fans debating the officer’s use of force. Always. Film. Cops.

Interesting timing: Trudeau confirms $1.37B in federal funding for Metro Vancouver transit projects. “While there was no new money announced Tuesday, Trudeau and Horgan said the media event was a public assertion of the commitment to the two transit projects”. Surprised they didn’t get Seth Rogen to announce it. Best comment: “I’m just waiting for him to ignore indigenous rights and get it shut down as a result”.

Is this Metro Vancouver bus stop the WORST in North America? Man this is nothing. Back in my day there weren’t even bus stops, you had to just run out into the middle of King George Highway and flag one down.

Craigslist ads as a barometer for housing desperation and greed: $700 / 1br – Tiny Home/Camper Van for monthly rental in Mt. Pleasant. Or for $700 a month you could easily finance your own shitty van and park it wherever the fuck you want.

This is somehow news: Vancouver Airport latest victim of power outlet sticker prank sweeping North America.

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