On Dumb Mayoral Candidates and ‘Dîner en Blanc’ Being the Bad Joke Some Never Got

Eat the rich: Most CRA auditors polled say Canada’s tax system is skewed to protect the wealthy. Remember this every time some bootstrap, Randian, rugged individualist type complains about crackheads on welfare, petty property crime, tent cities, raising the minimum wage, immigrants, bike lanes, “natives” getting tax breaks, taxes that pay for social programs and any other manifestation of systemic, institutional inequality.

“These responses validate the widely held belief that those with the means are able to shirk their tax responsibilities while everyone else is left to pick up the slack.” Stop criminalizing the poor, the homeless, and those living with addictions. Start enforcing the law against the super rich who evade paying their fair share.

Maybe we can get the Sons of Onan Soldiers of Odin to facilitate the removal of tax evaders instead of people living in tents.

This is a prime example. And it was retweeted by mayoral candidate Wai Young:

There’s no getting around the unsavory perception of ‘poor doors’ in Vancouver. Jan Halvarson:

Parasitic rentier-capitalist plutocracy: And it’s all so the already super-rich can get more absurdly prosperous, not through the production of goods and services, but through rents garnered from their monopolistic ownership of artificially scarce assets and their related control of politics and government.

Vexit: Moving out: Vancouver families leave city for better housing options. Remember folks, this is deeply rooted in privilege. Not everyone is able to just up and leave.

$1K per month to rent a tent in a Vancouver backyard? How about 20 roommates? You people complain about Vancouver being lonely, and yet you also complain about having 20 room-mates. I mean, come on…pick one.

We’re one step closer to these sweet Hong Kong cage homes.

After consecutive years of celebrating, promoting and attending the event, Vancouver Magazine finally wakes up to the fact that Dîner en Blanc is Deeply Uncool. So I guess that makes it cool again?

Also high French society (is that different from French high society?) is not something anyone should want to aspire to: it’s essentially equal parts elitism, classicism and snobbery, three “virtues” that I feel like most residents of Vancouver are proud to have be non-endemic in our city. Anyone who tells you they long to live in the time of Marie Antoinette is either vapid or cruel or both.

I don’t know…that sounds a lot like Vancouver to me.

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Um…what? Wildfire smoke from B.C. gets in the way of mountain scenery for tourists. “The mountains were just barely visible in silhouette. The sun was like a rosy globe going down and the whole sky was awash in a peachy colour … draped over the landscape. It was quite beautiful,” he said. “I very much enjoyed that moment.”

That’s almost as insensitive as the time The Province said it just looks bad, or when Vancouver is Awesome wondered if wildfires were actually kinda great.

But not nearly as dumb as this Post Media editorial cartoon that equates an involuntary environmental disaster with a voluntary one that we want to prevent from happening. I hate on Albertans like, once a week, but y’all can’t be buying this stupid shit, can you?

Late capitalism of the day: $1 an Hour to Fight Largest Fire in CA History: Are Prison Firefighting Programs Slave Labor?

Presented without comment: Global warming ‘pause’ about to end, raise Earth’s temperatures further.

Bonus: The Next Hot Millennial Trend: Never-Ending Labor in Dystopian Warehouses.

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