Father and Son Drive Through Raging Forest Fire in Order to Escape It

It sucks to have the blue skies of our summer sullied by the smoke of countless wild fires right now, but just be glad you aren’t experiencing the midst of one of those fires, like this father and son did. Charlie and Justin Bilton were out hiking the Howe Ridge section of Montana’s Glacier National Park when it all of a sudden seemed like a wise thing to get back in the truck and evacuate a la Dante’s Peak.

Watch and listen to the video below. The sheer terror in the kid’s voice is hard to shake…

‘Dad, what if the car blows up?’ ‘Then we’re dead. Just keep driving.’

Top marks to Dad for not panicking and, you know, being a Dad! After they reached the burning tree blocking the road at the end of the video, they had to reverse all the way back to where they started (Lake Macdonald), where they were able to get into a boat with some park employees. The car – a rental – burned in the fire.

Take a look. Credit: Justin Bilton via Storyful

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