We Want to Glide Above False Creek on This Newfangled Beast of a Machine

We’re a pretty satisfied bunch, but that doesn’t mean we aren’t covetous. Sometimes we see things out there that we just must have. Cool Things We Want is an archive of those earthly desires.

As a lifelong rider of analog skateboards, I’m not typically inclined to roll anything off-pavement or that requires a battery, handlebars, wires, special boots, goggles or rope. For me, all that gimmicky stuff takes away from the unparalleled, uncomplicated joy of just carving down the street.

But I see the potential for that same, simple joy in the Lift eFoil, a newfangled electric hydrofoil recently arrived on the market. Developed by a small team of engineers based in Puerto Rico, the Lift eFoil allows its rider to smoothly glide just above the surface of the water. There’s no need for tow ropes, sails, foot straps or waves. The accelerator is small, hand-held and completely waterproof. Just squeeze and go.

Though I have the swimming capabilities of a stone, I’d love to take the thing for a spin in local waters, either dodging the poo of False Creek or the canoes of Jones Lake. (Of course I’d sooner do try it out in Florida, where this video was shot, but I don’t want to be too greedy).

Bonus: the motor is silent and can send its rider flying at speeds of up to 40km an hour. The only negative is the cost, which runs about $16,000.

Still, just watch…

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