The Most Deliciously Beastly Entry in The Craft Beer Atlas of Vancouver

The Craft Beer Atlas of Vancouver will keep you informed not only on where your beer scene is going but also on where it has been. We’ve plotted local tastings rooms, restaurants with extensive tap lists, craft beer-friendly liquor stores, and fascinating brew-centric points of interest on a zoomable map that functions as well on your phone as it does on your desktop. The ever-evolving A-Z of our city’s relationship with beer aims to encourage locals and visitors to responsibly explore every facet – both past and present – of our little corner of the brewing world. Enjoy it, responsibly!

If you’ve ever caught a complex zephyr of multiple meat smells wafting up your nostrils on a late July Sunday on the northeast corner shore of False Creek, chances are they’ve emanated from Brewery & The Beast, the outdoor meat and beer festival launched in 2012. Sprawled across the vacant Concord Pacific lot, the annual good time brings together several dozens of the city’s best restaurants to do their carnivorous best to impress a sold out crowd of meat-loving beer drinkers. The festival will very likely have to relocate when the property is developed (2019-2024) as per the City’s new Northeast False Creek plan, at which point this particular entry in the Craft Beer Atlas of Vancouver will be tagged as “historical”. Brewery & The Beast is included in Scout’s list of 1,000 Cool Things About Vancouver.

Note: the most recent Brewery & The Beast went down last weekend (July 29). Our friend Jessica Hollingsworth was there and took the following shots for us, glass in hand. Best get a wetnap and some Pepto…

  • IMG_3188a
  • IMG_3144
  • IMG_3152
  • IMG_3206
  • IMG_3172
  • IMG_3160
  • IMG_3207
  • IMG_3198
  • IMG_3140
  • IMG_3139
  • IMG_3136
  • IMG_3135
  • IMG_3134
  • IMG_3132
  • IMG_3127
  • IMG_3112
  • IMG_3123
  • IMG_3111
  • IMG_3099
  • IMG_3065
  • IMG_3056
  • IMG_3096
  • IMG_3211
  • IMG_3053
  • IMG_3085
  • IMG_3114
  • IMG_3077
  • IMG_3073
  • IMG_3054
  • IMG_3087
  • IMG_3145
  • IMG_3133
  • IMG_3159

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