On Servers Returning Stolen Cash and Last Call for Deep-Fried Monstrosities

Eater shares their picks for the most exciting up-and-comers in the industry with their Young Guns Class of 2018. This year’s list includes Seattle’s Niels Brisband and Shota Nakajima.

Another year of warming oceans, another fish habitat affected: The story of ‘the blob’ and a dwindling cod population off the coast of Alaska.

Another week, another entry in Vancouver’s Restaurant Graveyard.

If you’re wanting for solid podcasts on food, here are a few suggestions from the folks at Eater.

Saveur shares the conflicting origin stories of the Sloppy Joe.

And while we’re on the subject of origin stories, where exactly did the key lime pie come from? The mere question has some food experts in a tizzy.

Seriously? They changed their name from ‘IHOP’ to ‘IHOb’ and we fell for it?

A vending machine full of Molotov Cocktails is the latest installation at an LA art gallery. Meant as commentary on the easy access to weapons in the US, much of the proceeds of sales are going to support Everytown.

Juke’s Cassandra Darmanovic talks bartending, cocktail creation, favourite mentors and future ambitions.

While the neverending news cycle of shit may have you losing faith in humanity, this former server may help to restore some of that faith after sending a letter of apology and returning money she stole from a restaurant she worked at in the 90’s.

Search and Rescue’s Will Fosdick shares his picks for the best spots to eat and drink around town.

Drinking via Instagram honours this week go to @caffedibeppe because when it’s too hot for coffee, it’s time to affogato:

Coffee or Soft-Serve? The choice is easy. Affogato. ? ?? ?

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It takes a seriously ballsy human to secretly attempt to upgrade the cable package of a bar just so you can watch your favourite sports team.

According to the Baraboo News Republic, the 51-year-old made at least 11 different calls to Charter Spectrum, telling representatives that his name was Pat Barkley and that he wanted to upgrade the channel lineup at Buffalo Phil’s restaurant…..Cayton might’ve gotten away with it, if he’d called back a couple of weeks later to cancel the channel; instead, the business manager of Buffalo Phil’s noticed that their cable bill was significantly higher and started to investigate.

That one time Mr. Peanut ran for Mayor of Vancouver and won 3.4% of total votes cast. Impressive!

Quick, before summer ends and it’s too late! Go try these over-the-top foods on offer at the PNE including a deep-fried cheeseburger and red-velvet corndogs….wait, what?

A new French restaurant near the Richmond Oval has the Vancouver Sun’s Mia Stainsby intrigued but not yet sold on the limited menu.

This week in massive food fuck-ups, a MacDonald’s in Alberta accidentally serves cleaning fluid instead of coffee to a woman who is 32 weeks pregnant.

To the white dude from Chicago attempting to trademark “Aloha Poke” and prevent actual native Hawaiians from using the term, I’ve got something you can cease and desist!

“This may seem like a lot of uproar over just a couple of words. But consider that after the Kingdom of Hawaii was overthrown by American-backed businessmen in 1893, the Hawaiian language was prohibited from being spoken or taught in all of Hawaii’s schools beginning in 1896. This restriction would remain in place for over 90 years, until it was finally lifted in 1987. But by then, fluent Hawaiian speakers had diminished to such a degree that there was concern the language would be lost after the passing of the generation at that time.”

And speaking of white dudes and colonialism, Gordon Ramsay’s new show slated for National Geographic is rife with colonial undertones…..and overtones, for that matter.

“Ramsay, a white British man who is as famous for his numerous Michelin stars as he is for his rage, will not just be traveling to various countries on “Uncharted” to showcase their cultures and cuisines, but in a troubling twist, he will be competing with locals to determine whether his takes on their national dishes could ‘beat’ the real thing.”

Bella Gelateria founder James Coleridge will be making his return to the Vancouver ice cream scene after being removed from the Coal Harbor mainstay. He will be opening three separate locations of his new venture, Uno Gelato, in the coming weeks.

Here’s the thing about artisanal ice: is it cool (pun intended)? Yes. Does it add something to the drinking experience? It can. Is it necessary in order for a drink to be great? Absolutely not.

What’s in a name? A whole lot as it turns out! The stories behind some of the most interesting cocktail bar names around the world

Looking for work in the industry? Check out who’s hiring.

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