Try Your Hand at Nightingale’s Spaghetti and Manila Clam Recipe

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Vancouver, BC | As the long weekend approaches, deciding what to cook up for your summer soiree can be a bit of challenge. You need a simple and oh-so delicious recipe, that will have friends and family thinking you spent hours preparing. Thankfully, Nightingale’s chef Phil Scarfone, has you covered. As one of Nightingale’s most popular dishes, chef’s Spaghetti Clam recipe is the perfect fit for this weekend’s summer get together.

Serving up to four people, this light and refreshing dish begins with slow cooked jalapeno peppers and chopped garlic, building a more complex flavour foundation for this classic preparation. Add local clams and deglaze with white wine. Garnish the dish with farm fresh parsley and scallions, and finish with lemon juice and chili flakes to bring it all together.

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