Farmer’s Apprentice to Prepare Special Outdoor Feast Under the Evening Sky

The GOODS from Farmer’s Apprentice

Vancouver, BC | Farmer’s Apprentice and Zaklan Heritage Farm will be co-hosting a family-style dinner under the evening sky on Sunday, August 12th. Attendees will be treated to a tour of the farm, a four-course dinner with options for all, a selection of wine and an option for transportation to and from the event.

Since 2016, the team at Farmer’s Apprentice has been working with Zaklan produce. Started in the 1920’s by Dragan and Marta Zaklan, the Zaklan Family has been farming this land for over 80 years. In 2011 the now urban farm underwent a revitalization led by Doug and Gemma, the next generation of Zaklans. With Doug’s vision and ample support from the family, the farm has been transformed into a diverse mixed vegetable and livestock operation.

Come, slow down, and enjoy an intimate dining experience around the table with new and old friends. Tickets range from $120 – $150 and are available online through

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