Despite Rumours to the Contrary, Main Street’s Pizzeria Farina Isn’t Closing

The GOODS from Pizzeria Farina

Vancouver, BC | Pizzeria Farina is excited to confirm and announce that WE AREN’T GOING ANYWHERE! There were rumours that we were going to have to close our Main Street location, but, after months of uncertainty, Farina is here to stay. And much to our delight, our friends at Boxcar and The Cobalt are also back open for business!

We are also pleased to announce that we have introduced a new menu featuring some old favourites and some new specials ‘so-popular-we-had-to-add-them-to-the-full-menu’. We’ve also increased our dough output so there are more pies on a daily basis AND Farina has joined the Foodora delivery network.

Come in for a sit down pie and a glass of wine or order online for delivery!

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