Dageraad Brewing In Need of Manager for New Tasting Room

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Burnaby, BC | Dageraad Brewing is hiring a new manager for our fifty seat tasting room and retail store near Production Way Skytrain station in Burnaby.

We’re looking for an energetic, organized beer-lover with serving experience and preferably management experience. We want someone who can set a tone of friendliness and professionalism, who will show the due reverence for the beer we serve and respect for the drinking experience we’re trying to create for our patrons.

The job involves working behind the bar, serving beer, filling growlers and interacting with patrons as well as management duties, including:

-Hire and train staff for the tasting room

-Manage day-to-day operations for the tasting room, including staff scheduling

-Act as a liaison between the brewery and the tasting room

-Source printers for merchandise and decide which merchandise to order

– Develop, maintain and enforce standard working procedures

– Maintain a clean, safe and well organized work area

– Maintain proper supplies of beer, merchandise and operating materials

– Source guest beers and ciders

– Manage private keg sales, keg reservations and empty keg returns

-Ensure positive guest experiences and when needed, take action/respond accordingly to guest issues and or complaints in a timely matter

– Ensure routine maintenance schedules on serviceable equipment and in-house managed equipment (beer lines, taps, glass washer, etc.)

– Support the Sales Team with off-site events when needed, which may include but not limited to festivals, markets, and other activities

– Develop and execute events, in conjunction with Brewery Manager, that are in-line with company goals to increase guest traffic and brand awareness

This is a full-time salaried position which includes a share of the tips. We are looking for someone to take over management of the room in early September, but we’d love to bring you aboard earlier to have more time to show you the ropes if you’re available earlier.

Please send a resume and cover letter to ben [at] dageraadbrewing.com. The deadline for applications is Monday, August 6th.

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