On Going to California and the Disgusting Evolution of Hospital Food

Legendary LA Times food critic Jonathan Gold died on Saturday of pancreatic cancer. He was 57. From his obit:

One of the most widely admired voices of Los Angeles, Gold wrote about restaurants for four decades and became indelibly linked with the city in which he was born and raised.

“He, more than any chef, changed the dining scene in Los Angeles,” said longtime friend, chef and Mozza co-owner Nancy Silverton. “He really was the ambassador for our city.”

Food criticism before him — and even during his time — focused on the austere, the high-end, the Michelin stars. Gold redefined the genre, drawn more to hole-in-the-wall joints, street food, mom-and-pop shops and ethnic restaurants than he was to haute cuisine. Although he appreciated and wrote beautifully about fine dining, he revered the taco truck more than the tasting menu.

There’s a new national campaign to address food waste within the home and this website can help you implement strategies in your own kitchen.

Start spreading the news, we’re leaving today…for California! Because, if you didn’t already know it, the Golden State has surpassed New York as the epicentre of great food in America.

If you’re in need of more food-focused films and TV shows, Food Republic’s got you covered with some great options coming out this summer.

A few Vancouver industry veterans are starting a new online mental health resource for folks working in hospitality. Check out the Mind The Bar launch event tonight (Monday, July 23) at The Portside Pub.

An interview with “Mama” Wandel-Widdoes, the 30 year veteran server of Danny Meyer’s famed Gramercy Tavern and Union Square Cafe.

Eater looks at the evolution of hospital food and how it’s gotten so god awful over time.

The growth of “cultured meat” in a laboratory has raised a new debate over the very definition of meat itself: Wired reports.

Here are a few false food myths for your reading enjoyment. The one about beaver butt secretion in ice cream was news to me!

Eating via Instagram honours this week go to @gabiandjules. Looks like it’s time for a day trip to Port Moody to sample one of these before summer’s out:

This week in absurdly priced food items: New York’s $1500 ice cream sundae. Unless there’s $1499 waiting at the bottom of the dish, I can pretty much guarantee it’s not worth it.

From Cuban cuisine to New York’s most famous veggie burgers, Eater rounds up the most anticipated cookbooks of the summer.

If you’re feeling nostalgic for some cheez balls, I have some good new for you because the Planter’s classic is making a comeback.

Amber Bruce of The Keefer shares her favourite spots to eat and drink around Vancouver. Some excellent picks here!

Researchers try to use eating habits to determine political affiliation. It turns out Applebee’s and Arby’s tends to attract a more conservative clientele.

This week in great podcast episodes, the hosts of Pod Save The People discuss critiques of the plastic straw ban from Disability Advocates as well as the lawsuit filed by Black farmers after they were sold fake seeds by the world’s largest seed company.

On a similar note, NPR shares further information on why people with disabilities are asking for more flexible rules when it comes to a ban on plastic straws.

In an effort to keep the Rio Theatre alive and kicking, Persephone Beer has become the official beer partner of the historic venue.

The CBC posts some fascinating stats on Canada’s eating habits that were gathered over a period of 50 years.

An all but forgotten dance club scene, a tipsy stroll down Davie Street and the pizza shop that hit the spot every time. This is the story of Did’s Pizza.

Looking for work in the industry? Check out who’s hiring

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