On Bad Mural Ideas and Weed’s Unlikely Future of Paying Off Politicians

A masterful exercise in whataboutism, race-baiting, appeal to hypocrisy and subterfuge: An open letter to Attorney General David Eby and investigator Peter German on B.C.’s Dirty Money report. In a fit of tu quoque fallacy, Ng Weng Hoong points to the cannabis industry as an example of criminal activity, as if the NDP’s entire stance hasn’t been to regulate and weed out said criminal activity (pun intended). Nowhere has Eby said that this is the only factor.

Hoong inadvertently brings up a good point, however, as there are indeed some big problems with their new laws. But I highly doubt the illicit cannabis industry donates hush money to the government. That’s what the casinos do.

And this is all beside the point. This letter is written as if the German report came out of nowhere when the data existed for 2-3 years and BC Liberals sat on it. Andy Yan wrote about back in 2015. It’s about capital. It’s about money moving across borders. Everything else is moot. It begs the question, as one commenter brought up, was Hoong paid to write this hit piece?

Meanwhile, Family of man murdered in China claims accused killer used victim’s funds to buy millions in B.C. real estate. But yeah…no…it’s probably just an isolated incident.

Late-capitalism is inefficient and inept at delivering basic services to communities: Greyhound Canada cancelling all BC routes but one, no more prairie services. Nationalize it. A perfect opportunity for the BC NDP to step in here and expand its inter-city subsidized bus service.

Because it’s not the rich that will suffer. It’s the marginalized: Cutting Greyhound service in Western Canada puts Indigenous women at risk.

Of course, the Liberals are now crying crocodile tears:

If we can buy a pipeline, we can buy Greyhound. It’s far more important to the Western Canadian economy than Kinder Morgan: Ex-public safety minister among commenters saying ‘cut the cables’ of B.C. bridge protesters. Just to be clear here, this man – who is the taxpayer-salaried chair of the government’s B.C. Farm Industry Review Board – just advocated for the murder of peaceful protestors as all-time heat records were been set across the globe.

Who do you protect? Who do you serve? The RCMP Thought Solidarity Was a Communist Plot. Boy, are they in for a nasty surprise….

Confrontation at protest camp after Nazi salute, ‘Free camping’ sign. Can someone teach the fucking cops what free speech means? Hint: it doesn’t include hate speech.

Violent Neo-Nazi Group Has Disturbing Plans For Canada This is what you are saying when you say both sides are to blame. This is who you are protecting. Saying “don’t fight hate with hate” is gaslighting. Legitimate hurt and anger at the injustices people suffer being equated to the bigotry and hate of our oppressors is a dangerous false equivalence.

Vancouver restaurants strapped for servers are simply doing without. “It’s become a necessity with a small labour pool and super-high wages.” Are you high? Super high wages? Servers make less than fucking minimum wage. Ugh…I can’t believe I’m defending servers right now.

Raising wages doesn’t kill jobs. It’s just a thing rich people say to poor people.

Vancouver ranked the ‘wildest’ city in Canada for nightlife, alcohol and drugs. Wow. In a city grappling with bodies piling up from an epidemic created by big pharma, Vancity Buzz boasts that we are some sort of party capital of Canada. Go fuck yourselves.

Tonedeaf mural of the day: Together. Hower Diab:

TOGETHER has been painted onto a wall in strathcona, on the side of a building in which the original occupying businesses were forced out by Chip Wilson, in a neighbourhood where 95% of my friends have been forced out by landlords and the beyond livable rent increases, across from the brand new shiny condo tower boasting 1800$ monthly micro suites. The word TOGETHER, on the side of this building, is larger than the size of an apartment in which the average Vancouverite can afford. A special place in hell is reserved for those in charge of this city’s daily operation. May they burn forever.

Bonus: Do Americans Know How Weird and Extreme Their Collapse is Getting?

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  1. Fab article.

    Heads up re closing blurb.. The word “Together” for the new mural in Strathcona was chosen by Raycam youth, and they’re pretty excited about it.


    While we all may agree with the sentiment, “Fck Everything” might not be the phrase we need right now so that we can might an effect and momentum that we need to push our the progressive agendas forward…

  2. Thanks for the update although I’m not sure that the fact it was chosen by children lessens the perceived injustice or aggravates it. I doubt that the charities that were evicted from that building like The Network of Inner City Community Services Society feel any better about it.

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