On Canada’s Complicity and Art Gallery Owners Doing Amusing Things

This. Is. Appeasement: Trudeau Suggests It’s Not His Place To Condemn Trump’s Migrant Child Policy. These are literally internment camps for toddlers. This is a trial run for fascism (I don’t really care). It’s incremental. It’s attrition.

Babies in cages were no ‘mistake’ by Trump but test-marketing for barbarism. And guess who just failed? Canada. We did. Us.

This is not the time for civility, and fuck the Jeff Bezos-owned mouthpiece of the elite for saying so. You might as well be telling Jews to be civil towards Hitler. Oh wait, the liberal centrist elite did that too.

“We’re in a crisis situation, on the verge of losing our democracy. Where is the line?” This is not a time for friendly debate. This is the time for outrage. This is just the beginning. Justin Trudeau, you are Neville Chamberlain. You are a fucking coward:

Everyone knew that slavery was evil. Everyone knew that Jim Crow was evil. Everyone knew that lynching was evil. Everyone knows that any kind of injustice or inequality is evil. These things persist because most white people don’t actively fight to eradicate them.

Remember kids, there have been 56 US military interventions in Latin America. There is no immigration problem, there’s an imperialism problem, and Canada is all too happy to comply.

And if you still think that we have an immigrant problem, know that undocumented immigrants paid over $7 billion in taxes last year while Amazon and GE paid zero.

Also: California Crops are Rotting as Immigration Crackdown Creates Farmworker Shortage. It’s almost like the problem is something else entirely! I think it starts with a “c” and ends with “apitalism”.

“What’s going on in the United States is wrong. I cannot image what the families are going through. This is not how we do things in Canada.” – Justin Trudeau. But this is how we do things in Canada. This is the realization of the settler colonial project. This is America. This is Canada. Not only do we still honour the Safe Third Country Agreement we did exactly the same thing here. We literally ripped children out of the arms of their mothers.

And we still do it: Canada aims to avoid detaining migrant children, but it happens.

Michael Maldove:

Canada is jailing entire migrant families who’ve committed no crimes right now, in the present.

Canada and the Provinces are overseeing indigenous children being forcebly removed from their families right now, in the present.

Certainly we should condemn Trump and America, but at the same time we should all be aware of, and condemn, what is being done in our name.

“The nationalist not only does not disapprove of atrocities committed by his own side, but he has a remarkable capacity for not even hearing about them.”
— Orwell

Abolish ICE. Abolish borders. Abolish prisons. Nearly half of youth incarcerated across Canada are Indigenous. But don’t let me ruin your Canada Day BBQ where you all sit around and talk about how you’re so glad someone like Trump isn’t our president and wow I hope the weather gets better and wow the Canucks just drafted the second highest player of Chinese decent and let’s hope “any protests are peaceful, silent, and completely out of sight of anyone who could actually affect government policy” and hey did you hear we should leave a spoonful of sugar and water in our yard to save humanity?

Security theatre: Jogger who accidentally crossed U.S. border from B.C. detained for 2 weeks. So what are liberals going to suggest? A mass jog-in where we purposefully cross the border without documents? Actually, that’s pretty smart. We should do that.

Canadians boycott US products, cancel vacations to America. Cute, but there is no ethical consumption under capitalism. To wit, the guy in the article has Dole bananas in his Trump-free grocery cart. That’s the reason for the term “Banana Republic” and a huge reason why Latin America is still economically unstable (and thus why people become refugees in the first place).

Canada to legalise marijuana to help them cope with living next to America. This is adorable in a “we still have the same outdated stigma of cannabis as we did in the 60s” kind of way. It’s medicine. Get over it.

But what’s really interesting is… Canada Is About to Inhale the Global Pot Market. Thanks, Jeff Sessions.

We suck: Racist diatribe on Vancouver transit system interrupted by Indigenous man who supports immigrants

Exhibit B: Zach Running Coyote Says Red Deer McDonald’s Kicked Him Out After Racist Abuse.

A white woman sings black slave songs in a production designed by a white man and 8,000 people buy tickets. Yes, in Canada, in 2018: Jazz Fest: SLAV isn’t cultural appropriation, singer Bonifassi says.

A special place in hell: Christian ‘LGBT’ Let God Be True youth conference booted out of venue. Good on Anvil Centre for coming to their senses, but WTF…

We have so much work to do: Surrey LGBTQ rainbow crosswalk vandalized just days after completion.

Lobster man steamed alive: Watch Jim Jefferies Finally Shut Up Jordan Peterson. How has this so-called “most influential public intellectual in the Western world right now” not heard of this very basic counter-argument?

Honour bound: A new way to vote that works for you.

Bonus: Gallery Owner Arrested After Dropping Sculpture Of Giant Drug Spoon At Purdue Pharma.

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  1. The safest place for a child is home; not when parents abandon that home and bring the kids along, gambling to enter a different country.

    Try this locally, on a smaller scale; remove the door to your home. Put a sign above it (Homeless shelter, free everything, kids welcome). Then live by your convictions.

  2. Try this on a bigger scale. capitalists go into latin america and put a sign above it: free everything. and if anyone complains, send in the army. 56 military interventions in Latin America. Tell me again the safest place for a child is home.

    But also, what’s free? Are you suggesting refugees have a free ride?

  3. Foreign policy can be wrong at times, but mass migration from one of those involved countries into America (or Europe) as some sort of justice (or punishment) is highly disturbed thinking. It leads to push-back, publicly & politically, which becomes part of the culture and protective public policy of a receiving nation. This, is reality.

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