Get Into the World Cup Spirit at Gastown’s Caffe Di Beppe

Photo: Chris Giannakos

The GOODS from di Beppe

Vancouver, BC | Catch the World Cup games in the perfect setting. Many of us in the Italian community grew up watching the games in the local Caffè with our family and friends, huddled around a little TV screaming obscenities in Italian. For those of you who look to repeat those memories, you can do so with us at Caffè di Beppe. If you don’t feel like hitting the local pub or sports bar in the mornings, come see us for some coffee or even wine or Spritz and some Italian treats. We have the big screen set up to project all the games for your viewing enjoyment. We will show a repeat of the 7am games at 9am and then the 11am games live! Even though Italy is not competing, we still want to embrace the spirit of it all. We hope you will choose to share in the experience with us! First matches kick off on June 30th.

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