Vancouver Would Be Cooler If It Had This Art Project That Gave Out Free Hot Dogs

Photo by Liz Ligon, courtesy Public Art Fund, NY

(via) Supported by the Public Art Fund, Austrian artist Erwin Wurm transformed an old VW bus into an oddly obese food truck of sorts that serves up hot dogs for free every weekend in summer on a slice of Brooklyn waterfront overlooking Manhattan’s iconic skyline.

“At face value, this appears to be a quintessential summertime treat served from one of his signature sculptural forms,” says Public Art Fund Associate Curator Daniel S. Palmer, “but in Erwin’s subtle and clever way, he draws us toward a deeper level of engagement, helping us to consider how food, consumer culture, and our bodies are inextricably linked.”

Whether or not you give a deep damn about whatever statement Wurm is trying to make here, I feel a lot of us would probably be down with free hot dogs enjoyed from a work of art on the edge of a grand urban vista. Am I wrong? Personally, I’m sold on the idea, even if I’m missing the larger point. And I’d love to see it parked in Vancouver.

If we could put it anywhere, I’d pick the seawall section of Charleson Park overlooking False Creek and the city between the Granville St. and Cambie St. bridges. I’ll take mine with ketchup, mustard and relish, please…

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