Upcoming ‘Sherwood’ Now Hiring Kitchen Positions

The GOODS from Sherwood

Victoria, BC | Sherwood is our Victoria’s first day-to-night cafe and bar complete with comprehensive takeaway coffee service and an all season patio. We are enviably perched at our downtown’s prime people-watching crossroads of Douglas Street and Pandora Avenue where we be hosting the full spectrum of our fresh-faced city with the recklessly optimistic and hospitality-forward approach that can only be expected from Shane Devereaux. In keeping with the tradition of Habit, we’re in the business of building a long time community institution – one that begins with executing a tight and thoughtful food and beverage program in a progressive and accessible social space.

Sherwood is first and foremost a gathering place for the city. That means employing staff who know how to make customers and staff alike feel genuinely welcome, this is our mandate. It also means that we plan to take care of our team by not only a creating a positive and inclusive working environment but also offering a competitive pay and benefit package.

Dishwashers & Prep Cooks | As a dishwasher at Sherwood, your day will be split between the usual cleaning duties of the job and a welcome addition of prep-cook work and producing takeaway menu items. We offer a competitive wage, a high gratuity share and shifts no longer than eight hours.

Sous Chef | The sous chef of Sherwood will work closely with the chef to build a creative and thoughtfully curated small menu. You’ll have a four day work week, with a great variety in your day. We offer a competitive hourly wage, a high gratuity share and aim to give you a balanced lifestyle while you’re part of our team.

Line Cooks | Sherwood’s day-to-night kitchen has open positions to suit a range of needs for committed team workers.

A bit about our approach to food…

The guiding philosophy behind our food is a commitment to playfulness and accessibility. Our chef’s inspired approach subscribes to the law of diminishing returns – a keen sense of that delicate line where the effort and ingredients outweigh the impact and experience of a dish. Our goal at Sherwood is providing a tightly edited slate of memorable food where every component has its place and purpose and nothing more. In accomplishing this we’re devoted to locating the heart of each dish in distinctive house made components and thoughtfully selected ingredients that take full advantage of our friends and neighbours and our region’s diverse terrior. At Sherwood, every dish has the opportunity provide the perfect bite and introduce exciting flavour changes, clever use of spice, acidity and texture and all will be presented with utmost simplicity on a one page menu that rightfully reads easy and encouraging for anyone.

So, if you’re interested in working with a happy people in a communicative and tight-knit team we’d love to have you on board. Our kitchen will be up and running by the end of July.? We are moving quickly so please send us a resume and a cover letter including the following:

– The position you’re interested in and you’re relevant experience

– Your current availability and any longer planned goals

– Share why you enjoy working in kitchens and what you bring to the team.

Please send your Resume & Cover letter to shane [at] sherwoodvictoria.com. Don’t be shy! We really value knowing why you’d like to work with us.

– Tell us a little about yourself – Who are you? What do you like to do outside of work? What was your last fun adventure or memorable experience? The more the better.

– Include any questions you have about our plans or processes.

All applicants will be contacted on receipt of their application. Thanks for your interest in joining the Sherwood team. We’re excited to build another rewarding and nurturing workplace for the people who make us great.

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