On Left-Wing Agreements in Principle and Mercenaries for the Millionaire Class

Put that in your pipeline and smoke it: Nathan Cullen Mocks Trans Mountain Deal: ‘Liberals Do Know It’s Not Legal To Smoke Weed Until August, Right?’ Well, that was the least clever part of his speech and he trots out some toxiphobic stereotypes, but yeah…

The real take-away is the smarmy “but Notely is NDP” whataboutism from Trudeau, combined with the myth that this oil is heading for new markets. It’s not. Unless – and this is getting into the realm of baseless conspiracy – both China and Canada know that oil markets in the middle east are about to be de-stabilized by war and are hedging their bets.

Also, what about the part where Trudeau voted for UNDRIP while simultaneously violating UNDRIP? I guess it’s harder to vilify a handsome liberal hypocrite than it is to vilify these actual pieces of trash: Tory MPs slammed for high fiving after voting against UN Indigenous rights bill. One of them represents the riding where Coulton Boushie was murdered and the other is in Alberta…

…Where this shit happens: Son’s braid cut at Calgary school: Indigenous mother hopes for teaching moment. The settler-colonial pogrom is alive in well.

To wit: Vancouver Police Department’s use of carding disproportionately targets Indigenous people. Nobody is surprised by this, right? Like, it’s just confirming what you already know, right? OK good. Glad we had that talk.

Meanwhile, Toronto has pretty much dominated my news feed for the last month so here’s some of that nonsense in the wake of the disaster: Doug Ford isn’t “for the little guy” – he’s a mercenary for the millionaire class. This is weaponized populism. After seeing Christy Clark in construction garb and Stephen “I’m totally a normal human being” Harper flipping burgers in a Stetson, when are the working poor going to realize they are being duped?

Never mind that he inherited a multi-million dollar business from his father, a conservative politician. Never mind that he has coasted on the political machinery of his brother, former Toronto Mayor Rob Ford. Never mind that he spent years as a city counsellor trying to dismantle public services, has surrounded himself with Stephen Harper’s closest advisors, and is now advancing policies that would be a Trump-like giveaway to the wealthiest. Half-baked denunciations of the elite are apparently enough to eclipse an entire career of fealty to them.

“It’s 18th Brumaire 101, when the working class is not actively taken up into working life, when they are forced to simply exist as a characterless amalgam, their only identification is with a strong-man saviour”. – Dock Currie

Failing that, of course, they are grouped into convenient generational stereotypes and set against each other in a convenient and lazy, Coupland-esque, grand unified theory of everything: Against Generational Politics.

“As war, austerity, international movement of capital, climate change, and political and economic hopelessness continue to pull society apart, people could fracture along the divisions that generational theory has normalized. Today’s crises are not just-so stories of improvident boomers waging war on entitled millennials while X-ers and Z-ers are caught in the crossfire and silents look disdainfully on. The essentialism of generational thinking threatens any alliance that could break the stronghold of the rapacious economic and political elite whose power over the lives of ordinary people drives the single simple story resembling reality.”

Satire: Lifelong New Democrat excited to vote NDP for first time. “To be honest, it feels a bit weird not to begrudgingly vote for a do-nothing centrist in order to prevent a far right government. It’s the only thing I’ve ever known.”

Meanwhile, a man who owes entire career to First Past the Post and the status quo rails against change: Proportional representation is only great for unelectable ‘professors,’ Jean Chretien says. A not so subtle dig at Stephan Dione…

Vancouver’s left-wing parties reach agreements-in-principle to avoid vote splitting. Oh please, let this be more than a backroom handshake…

In Vancouver, a Housing Frenzy That Even Owners Want to End. “A 12% increase in housing stock during a decade when the population grew 9%. Yet the industry continues to insist that supply is the only answer. I wonder why?” – Erik Roflsen.

Straight from the horses mouth: Vancouver anti-poverty council candidate plans to hold rally in richest part of the city. “If anything can put fear into the hearts and minds of Vancouver’s most wealthy, this is it.”

Failing that, there’s always PEACOCKS! Local Peacocks Dismantle Capitalism.

According to a local news report by CTV Vancouver, feral peacocks are “bearing powerful beaks and talons against luxury cars” in the neighborhood. Maybe it’s because they see their reflection and think it’s another peacock. Or maybe it’s because property is theft.

There is something beautifully ironic about a store full of cheap Chinese goods selling a testing kit to fix cheap Chinese drugs: Fentanyl test strips sell for $1.25 at Vancouver dollar store.

Homeless in Vancouver: To live and die in Tim Hortons—homeless man staff thought was sleeping was dead. If we are going to have fast food restaurants act as de facto shelters/community centres, maybe we should pay the staff a living wage…

‘Stop making more people homeless’: Vancouver man fights to get his motorhome back. Three cheers for soulless bureaucratic fuckery!

Tweet of the day:

Bonus: Canadians don’t understand best-before dates, which leads to more food waste: report.

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  1. Unelectable professors? As in the movement called Sendero Luminoso (Shining Path) of Peru? Which slaughtered over 30,000 people including children? Lookitup.

  2. That NYT piece is just filler from a goof. Housing stock grows slightly higher than pop growth when the AVERAGE person per household is falling. Many dwelling units have 1 occupant only (mostly personal preference), which is a dramatic change from the last few decades.

  3. What is “toxiphobia”? I tried looking it up online and the definitions I found don’t make sense in the context of the reference above.

  4. as far as I understand it is policy based on total abstinence. Cullen mocking the Liberals for smoking weed is rooted in a fear of intoxication. probably should be intoxiphobia. thanks for pointing that out.

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