Latest ‘Foodeo’ Guides to Summer Deliciousness

Screenshot from Foodeo’s new ‘Ultimate Burger’ video tutorial. Mmm…

The GOODS from Granville Island

Vancouver, BC | Granville Island Public Market’s offerings change frequently with the seasons, which is what makes every trip through the aisles so thrilling. Fortunately, their Foodeo tips and recipes are also keeping apace with the changes!

As usual, the Foodeo website and video channel’s latest instalment of fresh tips, product highlights and recipes is totally in tune with all of our al fresco picnic and BBQ hankerings, from brunch bennies (the Market Eggs Benedict is a showcase of market specialties and foodie skills) to drinks at dusk. What hasn’t changed is their easy to follow format and super specific instructions pinpointing exactly which market stalls to hone in on to perfectly execute absolutely every recipe.

Once again, the Granville Island Experts have anticipated and intuited our seasonal struggles and supplied us with easy, inventive solutions. The latest insider tip, courtesy of Granville Island Produce pro, Jason, is an easy method that cuts the tedium of slicing cherry tomatoes by simply sandwiching a bunch of the tiny ‘toms’ between two Tupperware lids. It’s a fun and time saving technique…not to mention a finger-saving one, for those of us who are less knife savvy.

Spot Prawn season is short – from May through June, approximately – but the opportunities for utilizing these tasty crustaceans are endless. Fittingly, Foodeo has provided two vastly different recipes that highlight the prawn’s versatility: Spot Prawn Lunar Noodles and Quick Pickled Spot Prawns – the latter of which will surely be topping many picnic meals and last-minute entertainment opportunities, owing to its ability to be made and stored two days in advance. That is, if you can resist nipping into your prepared supply..

Of course it wouldn’t be summer without barbecue…and it definitely wouldn’t be a proper BBQ without burgers, right?! Well, the Granville Island Public Market has taken advantage by creating its own signature burger. That means that you can literally take a bite out of the Market by following their guide to putting together the ‘Ultimate Burger’. From brioche bun to bun, layer by delicious layer, this is a true Island flavour experience. The bison, bacon and truffle butter burger is stacked with ingredients from no less than six stellar vendors who are all listed by name, so you can cut down on time spent ingredient hunting and get to the grilling.

Nor would a spring and summer menu be complete without the perfect seasonal sipper. The Spring Fling Cocktail is a refreshing and fruity gin-based drink that pairs perfectly with patio parties and beach sunsets, equally. In fact, bets are that you’ll be pressed for a reason (or season) not to extend the enjoyment of this particular Fling. Luckily, the days are still getting longer and there’s plenty of time, sunshine and tasty opportunities to savour, perhaps spent idling and perusing all of Granville Island’s bounty…we’ll see you there!

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