Spring Promotion Recognizes Chefs That Support BC Farmers and Producers

Photo by Darren Hull


Metro Vancouver restaurants, food trucks, wineries and breweries are being recognized this month for their contribution to supporting local food and beverage. The first month-long promotion of BC food and drink is in full swing and restaurateurs are proud to be serving the Best of BC on their menus.

Chef Seigo Nakamura, from Aburi Group, is proud to be participating. ““It’s an easy choice to support the community when the quality speaks for itself. We take pride in being a BC business, and we’re so excited to be able to represent our province with this initiative.”

Buy BC: EAT DRINK LOCAL is designed as a hub for drinking and dining locally across BC. The promotion is about celebrating BC flavours and about having restaurants provide unique local dining experiences. Throughout the launch month, restaurants across the province will be featuring local produce, meat, fish dishes on the menu paired, when possible, with local beers, wines and spirits.

The province-wide Buy BC: EAT DRINK LOCAL campaign is an education campaign with bonuses. BC Restaurant and Foodservices Association president and CEO Ian Tostenson is excited about the new initiative: “In Metro Vancouver, we have a strong culinary community – and a reputation for producing a full range of food and beverage that is unique to this place. Growing connections between BC restaurants, chefs, farmers and producers is something that we can be proud of and, when it is on your plate at a restaurant, we know it simply tastes better.”

“Spring is a great time to talk about growing and producing unique food and about providing unique taste experiences that enhance dining out,” says Tostenson.

Head brewer Sean Kellock at Bridge Brewing in North Vancouver is passionate about providing the best to his customers and that means celebrating the fact that they are proud to be from the North Shore – so they are a great fit for Buy BC: Eat Drink Local. “The local community is the heartbeat of any craft brewery. We brew craft beer that is about the North Shore – hiking, riding trails, and socializing with friends and family.”

The campaign is a joint initiative between the Ministry of Agriculture and the BC Restaurant and Food Services Association (BCRFA). The promotion is about celebrating the connections between the people who grow and harvest food – and the people who serve it daily. The quality of BC ingredients set the food and drink apart – and in restaurants, that makes for special culinary experiences.

“When British Columbians can identify and source local, seasonal and sustainable food, they are supporting many business across our community – and that matters because it creates and sustains jobs,” says Tostenson.

Through the program, people are encouraged to dine out and support BC business. Tostenson encourages Scout readers to find a restaurant that is part of the promotion and experience what makes BC taste better.

The website eatdrinklocal.ca is a year round resource to look for taste experiences that proudly support BC farmers, producers, harvesters and growers first.

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