On Dishwashing in the Woods and the Misunderstood Power of Fairy Dust

Fairy dust is very powerful stuff and this is an insult to all fairies everywhere: Don Braid: John Horgan finally realizes that B.C. is powered by more than fairy dust. No, Don…BC is powered by tourism, which will be pretty useless to collect on when it’s flooded and/or on fire. “Why is the Province of B.C. suing Alberta? To keep getting Alberta oil. Which B.C. is also suing to not get”. Nope. No way. Not at all. Completely wrong. We have a pipeline, yeah? We want to ensure that the next one – the one that is going to triple tanker traffic on our shores – is safe. That’s all. Alberta turned off the oil to the first one because they are jealous babies beholden to Big Oil. They are trying to whip up a populist frenzy to save their jobs from Jason Kenney. They are trying to out alt-right the alt-right. How is this so hard to understand? The only political stunt is this gee-whiz, hard-headed obfuscation of simple facts. We are talking about two very different pipelines. Oh, plus our planet is burning. Remember Fort Mac? Remember High River? Are you really this thick?

The only thing running on fairy dust is neoliberalism and Kinder Morgan itself: Texas-based firm has no intentions of paying for Trans Mountain pipeline expansion on its own.

And now a brain-dead federal government with unhealthy commitments to China wants to rescue a truly bad megaproject championed by the bastard child of Enron and a bunch of climate-denying Texans.

So wait, you mean to say that bailing out private corporations who are legally bound to make profits might not be in the public’s best interest? Weird. You mean that you created the worst financial crisis since the Great Depression by bailing out said corporations, and now you blame millennials, who will likely never recover from your fiasco, for killing everything from Applebee’s to Department Stores?

Millennials see that more banks are profitable than at any time in the past two decades and you wonder why, in all seriousness, “many of them associate capitalism with crisis, not progress“? Did you forget we had a deal?

Meanwhile, Former Dragons’ Den investor suggests paying a couple of B.C. NDP caucus members to cross the floor. Capitalists: The NDP is flouting the constitution! Also capitalists: I will pay personally to undermine the constitution.

British Columbia floods, human extinction, and the pursuit of page views.

Part of the reason is that the public isn’t nearly as interested in climate change or climate-change mitigation as many other topics. That includes crime and mayhem, terrorism, cannabis, electoral politics, new restaurant openings, and the fate of the professional sports teams in their communities.

Can we now chew gum and walk at the same time, or is there a finite amount of attention to give? I mean, I hate consumer culture, but I also love going for brunch…

“Then there’s the challenge of simply putting food on the table and a roof over one’s head in a world marked with rising income inequality…”

Well, that’s just it, isn’t it? Economic inequality and climate change are inextricably linked. Neoliberalism has conned us into fighting climate change as individuals when we should be concentrating on fighting corporate hegemony. One way to do this is by improving, not decimating, public services…you know, like we did after the aforementioned Great Depression that helped to spawn all these smug, rich boomers in the first place.

Climate scientists: Continued burning of fossil fuels, mixing of concrete, industrially farming cattle for meat, and cutting down forests guarantees a global rise in temperatures not seen in millions of years leading to wildly disrupted weather patterns, floods, fires, droughts, and famines, an uptick in diseases vectored by insects, more wars for diminishing resources, the north and south poles melting, coastal cities drowning, the gulf stream stopping, and finally acidification of the oceans destroying the plankton we depend on for oxygen.

Liberal centrists: What if we just banned straws? – Michael Maldove

Oh, come on. We all know that rocks tumbling into the ocean is what causes sea level rise.

Hey, remember 7 years ago when I said the government would fuck up marijuana legalization? Guess what, they fucked up marijuana legalization: For the first time in the history of British Columbian law, you can go to jail for simply being high on cannabis. Wasted on Granville Street? Drunk tank. Strolling down Commercial Drive on a sunny Sunday with a herbal tea and a nice buzz on edibles while you try and remember which of the two pizza places that are next to each other is better when you realize oh shit you’re standing in the middle of a cross walk and oh is that the police and now you are in jail for 3 months. I mean, I was ripped on edibles on Victoria Day and I still managed to pull a child out of a raging river. Jesus.

It kind of diminishes what should be a praiseworthy list of accomplishments: We’ve tracked every promise the B.C. NDP made in the last election: Here’s where they stand.

Oh, and you know…that whole homeless crisis: Nanaimo tent city residents clash with police over removal of gate. Nanaimo Mayor Bill McKay said: “I just want to make sure that everybody down there is safe, regardless of who they might be.” And if that means making them less safe, then so be it. “The gate was taken away “so that emergency and fire can get in there.” Well, if that’s the case then you’d better take down all the trees to allow emergency and fire into the woods because that’s where they would be otherwise.

Twitter thread of the day:

Peak Vancouver of the day: Your TransLink dreams are coming true: Morgan Freeman to voice Vancouver transit announcements. Someone having a bad trip is going to think God is talking to them.

I’d support this if Morgan Freeman’s voice said “transit is now free, paid by taxes on carbon and polluting corporations” – Tristan Markle.

“I never thought much about the next station, commerical/broadway… at first glance it looked like a stiff breeze would blow it over.” – Matty Reed

Honour Bound: Bulimia book explores life with ‘underground, private illness’.

Bonus: People Tell Us About Their Work Nightmares. This is easy: Dishwashing at parties. Dishwashing in bed. Dishwashing in the woods…

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