On Tipping Huge by Accident and Why You Can’t Get a Bar Tab Anymore

Munchies shares the story of Vancouver’s Dumpling King, who has made/sold over 70,000 dumplings.

Is Napa growing too much wine? The Guardian wonders

“Industry insiders and local environmentalists fear agricultural development has become untenable, threatening the valley’s future…”

There’s a new food truck on the block and methinks their smoothie bowls will feel right at home in a city that dives head first into any health craze.

Respect: BBQ restaurant in Mexico City hiring folks who have been deported under the Trump administration.

Scout’s Jamie Mah delivers the details on the story behind Bao Bei’s iconic neon sign.

Just when we were on the verge of settling the great New York vs Montreal bagel debate, Skokie had to go and throw their hat in the ring!

The time that lady entered her pin number as the tip on the debit machine and added a 32,000% gratuity to her bill for coffee and cake…

For a relaxing time: Hibiki 17 – a favourite Japanese whisky featured in Lost in Translation – is heading for retirement. Suntory announced that it will be discontinued this Fall, so you’d better stock up now!

While Mission just closed its doors last Sunday, the Kits address is already spoken for as AnnaLena owners Jeffrey Parr and Mike Robbins plan to open a new cafe there in early July.

Van Mag rounds up a selection of 1-star Yelp reviews of some well-respected restaurants around town (the ones for hating on other patrons are especially entertaining).

In a follow-up to previous reports regarding allegations of sexual assault against Mario Batali, Eater confirms that the chef is now under criminal investigation.

Eating via Instagram honours this week go to Sophia Cheng, because it’s finally spot prawn season y’all!

The story of one Palestinian microbrewery and its ongoing success amid serious challenges and growing tensions in the region — Munchies reports.

If you’re planning a trip over to the Island anytime soon, consider checking out The Courtney Room, which recently opened in the lobby of The Magnolia Hotel and Spa.

Hey Driscoll’s, stop trying to make #Braspberries a thing. It’s not going to happen. Thanks!

Questions arise around the future of Canadian agriculture amid rising costs of farmland and a generation of farmers ready for retirement.

Punch sheds some light on the loss of the bar tab.

“For all the talk these days among contemporary bar owners and bartenders about hospitality and the importance of the customer relationship, bars are more transactional places now. The fault for this lies as much with the patron, who is today a much more fickle beast than 50 years ago. They flit from joint to joint, following trends and Instagram posts. When you don’t linger in one place long enough to become a fixture, there’s no reason for a tab.”

And because no roundup would be complete without mention of the long weekend’s Royal Wedding craziness, here’s a look at what Harry and Meghan’s guests feasted on.

Looking for work in the industry? Check out who’s hiring

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  1. That punch article on bar tabs is asking owners of nice cocktail places etc. I don’t think those places are even remote facsimiles of the bars where said tabs used to be offered.

    I feel that places here still offer perks of being a regular (without offering a tab), prehaps a free drink every once in a while, a skip ahead of the queue, no need for a credit card to open/close a tab.

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