New Nimmo Bay Chef Drawing Inspiration From Food Sources in Place for Millennia

The GOODS from Nimmo Bay

Great Bear Rainforest, BC | Ensuring Michelin-star quality dishes and presentation and maintaining a locavore mindset in the middle of the wilderness is a challenge for which David Hassel, the new Executive Chef at Nimmo Bay Wilderness Resort, is ready.

The founder of Nimmo Bay, Craig Murray, is quoted to say that, “you can never starve on the coast.” Executive Chef David Hassel will be drawing inspiration from this statement by watching for Albacore tuna runs, harvesting sea cucumbers, and growing a garden on the edge of the resort at the foot of Mt. Stephens. By maintaining close roots to local ingredients, a tight connection is created between the surroundings and the culinary experience.

“What guests eat will truly reflect and enhance their experience here” says Chef Hassel. “It’s the very nature of the remoteness that demands creativity. Because we are at the mercy of local fisherman, delivery from our sources, what grows in our garden and wild ingredients, we are inspired to make new discoveries in the kitchen,” says Hassel.

Within this pristine and ecologically significant environment, guests seek an intimate journey in one of the largest remaining intact temperate rainforests. From a culinary standpoint, Chef Hassel finds the resort size idyllic to personalize the cuisine and enrich the guests’ connection with their surroundings. He selects food that reflects the experiences.

After working at Eden, a world-class five-diamond restaurant in Banff for three years, Chef Hassel is bringing his highly-cultivated talent and applying it from a bottom-up philosophy at Nimmo Bay Wilderness Resort.

Chef Hassel is intentionally not going in with any preconceived ideas. Instead, he will be immersing himself in the surroundings, seeking to understand guests and their preferences, and building innovative cuisine around what he finds at source. This organic approach is what is about to place Nimmo Bay Wilderness Resort at the forefront of culinary experiences in the industry.

Even dietary requirements are easily met. The “limitations” in ingredients serve as inspiration to source other unique ingredients. Chef Hassel finds it liberating as a chef, thereby improving his repertoire and expanding boundaries.

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