Japanese-Inspired ‘Out & About’ Boutique Opens Tonight in Gastown

Finished shelves awaiting stock at imminent Out & About | Photo: Scout Magazine

New Japanese-inspired lifestyle shop Out & About opens tonight in the old Salmagundi West space at 321 West Cordova. I snuck into the space a couple of days ago as co-founder/manager Cecilia Liu was busily overseeing the final aspects of the build. For a taste of what to expect, here’s an excerpt from a company missive:

“It is a lifestyle store with mainly designed-in-Japan and made-in-Japan products, curated by three partners: Sheila Peng, Angela Guan and Cecilia Liu. During their frequent travels to Japan, they are always fascinated by the delicate yet functional aspects of Japanese design and craftsmanship. design and craftsmanship, especially those small family businesses that pursue perfection in their respective field. The craftsmen include glassware makers, ceramic makers, stationery makers, candle makers, and a lot more. The history of their family business can be traced back to a hundred years ago or so. Therefore, the three partners decided to bring these authentically Japanese-designed products to Vancouver. In addition, the store also selects Japanese-Canadian craftsmen’s products, as well as local designers/craftsmen’s products that embody Japanese aesthetics. Furthermore, a curated selection of independent magazines and design-related books from Vancouver, the United Kingdom, the United States and South Korea will be available for sale too, as the owners are huge bibliophiles. Out & About is not the second Muji and it doesn’t aim to become one either. It is a thoughtfully curated select shop operated by three start-up entrepreneurs, who work hard to bring quality and beautiful daily objects to Vancouverites.”

Co-founder/manager Cecilia Liu | Photo: Scout MagazineN

According to their Instagram account, they should be ready for soft launch this evening at 5pm (Thursday, May 10). Take a look at what I saw…

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