Five Things You Don’t Know About Monkey 9’s Head Brewer Travis Lang

The GOODS from Monkey 9 Brewpub

Richmond, BC | Not all superheroes wear capes – some wear gumboots and overalls and that is definitely the case for Monkey 9’s head brewer Travis Lang. Travis has been working hard behind the scenes developing their 7 flagship beers and it’s time to bring him to the forefront with 5 fun facts you probably didn’t know about Mr. T.

1. Travis was hired on as Monkey 9’s Graphic Designer but, after bringing in some home brew for the team to taste, it became evident he was not only meant to design the labels on the cans but also the beer inside of them.

2. Travis was the banjo player in a bluegrass band with his buddy Chris (who also happened to be making some pretty killer moonshine). Travis was really into craft beer so Chris started testing out different recipes and teaching Travis the craft. When Chris moved to LA, he gave Travis the greatest gift of all – his brewing equipment and all his knowledge. The rest is history.

3. The best beer he ever brewed was a hazy IPA last summer. While he was brewing it, he burnt his hand badly with some sparge water. He ended up brewing the rest of the day with his hand in a bowl of ice water, hence the name Burnt Hand Ale. Will you be seeing this beer on tap at Monkey 9? Hopefully soon! “I lost my phone that I saved on. I’ve been hunting through old notes and grain bills to find it again. I’ll get there, even if it takes the ceremonial burning of the hand, I’ll do it. It was that good!” And we can’t wait to try it!

4. Travis has a kickass side hustle – @eastvan_rambler – and has made over 400 beer flights and the signage for many breweries in the Lower Mainland and BC. If you enjoy craft beer, chances are you’ve seen his work.

5. Travis got his hard work ethic and first memory of beer from growing up in the country. “I had to get up super early and head out to god knows where in the bush, running chainsaws, milling/loading wood, then hauling it all home to split and pile, fucking exhausting (I was 12)! But after it was all done we sat in the garage and had cold beers by the wood stove. My dad always taught me to work hard and give it your best. When you give the day your best, you deserve a beer!”

Want to get to know Travis better? Join him on the last Wednesday of every month from 3-5 PM for Meet The Brewer, a peek behind the scenes and to talk all things barley and hops while getting sneak tastes of Travis’ latest test beers. See you there!

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