On Beggar-Related Matters and the Persistent Stupidity of Prohibitionists

Peak liberalism: Kelowna to fine those who donate empties near depots or give cash to intersection panhandlers. Hmmm, I wonder if this mayor ever asks for campaign donations? “Kelowna has decided those who give money to intersection panhandlers or who donate cans to people near recycling depots are helping keep the status quo by perpetuating poverty”. The entire fucking system perpetuates poverty and unless you are willing to tackle that little nugget – you know, massive scale re-distribution of wealth – then this just comes off as patronizing. Yes, charity as a whole is a farce, but in the meantime spare me your moralistic condemnation of what I do with my fucking money.

Barbara Ehrenreich:

Although I’m atheist, I defer to Jesus on beggar-related matters. He said, if a man asks for your coat, give him your cloak too. (Actually, he said if a man “sue thee at the law” for the coat, but most beggars skip the legal process.) Jesus did not say: First, administer a breathalyzer test to the supplicant, or, first, sit him down for a pep talk on “focus” and “goal-setting.” He said: Give him the damn coat.

As a matter of religious observance, if a beggar importunes me directly, I must fork over some money. How do I know whether he’s been drinking or suffers from a neurological disorder anyway? Unless I’m his parole officer, what do I care? And before anyone virtuously offers him a hot dog, they should reflect on the possibility that the beggar is a vegetarian or only eats kosher or Hallal meat.

So if the beggar approaches me and puts out his hand, and if I only have a $10 bill, I have to give it to him. It’s none of my business whether he plans to spend it on infant formula for his starving baby or a pint of Thunderbird.

“Of all the preposterous assumptions of humanity over humanity, nothing exceeds most of the criticisms made on the habits of the poor by the well-housed, well-warmed, and well-fed.” – Herman Melville.

Hey, look who else is asking for handouts! Developers ask for exemption from B.C.’s speculation tax on development land. On Facebook, local paper The Province asked: “Should a developer pay for ‘speculating’ simply because it is holding on to land for the future?” That’s literally the fucking definition of speculation! How are you so incapable of understanding the actual meanings of words in the English language? I feel like I’m taking crazy pills.

Is the mayor of Kelowna also angry that we just gave billions of dollars to a poor Malaysian company? Climate scientists from around the world ask Canadian government to stop B.C. LNG project. Pfft, only 90 of them? That’s like…as many jobs as we’re going to create! “The environmental assessment is superficial and incomplete.” Sort of like the NDP’s faux progressivism? Zing!

And even when they do get it right, as was the case with childcare… Roll out of B.C. child-care plan beset with problems, operators say.

More well-meaning but misdirected consumers who don’t understand how supply and demand works: Thousands Of Canadians Are Refusing To Pump Gas On April 15th And Here’s Why. And what happens the next day when everyone fills up at once? From Snopes:

Gasoline is a fungible, global commodity, its price subject to the ordinary forces of supply and demand. No amount of consumer gimmickry and showmanship will lower its price in the long run; only a significant, ongoing reduction in demand will accomplish that goal. Unfortunately, for many people achieving that goal would mean cutting down on their driving or opting for less desirable economy cars over less fuel-efficient models, solutions they find unappealing.

This is a much more effective tactic: Pipeline protester’s pooch pooping in Burnaby detachment shows disrespect: RCMP. Lol at the RCMP asking for respect as they throw native elders in jail.

I’ll just put this right here: RCMP Officer Charged with Manslaughter in 2015 Castlegar shooting death.

More moralism and failure to understand supply and demand: Caitlin Shane: Drug prohibition is the radical policy, not legal regulation.

Prohibitionists endorse a strict criminal regime with an aim to eliminate supply, and in turn, reduce demand. But under prohibition, drug production, distribution, availability, problematic use (including use by young people), and drug-related crimes and health harms have all risen. Why?

Legally regulating drugs is neither radical nor extreme. Regulating dangerous substances for which there is ongoing supply and demand is the only logical way forward. By contrast, clinging to a regime that has so utterly failed is radical. Insisting on morals-based laws and policies contrary to science and evidence is illogical. As eight Canadians die each day, the blood that flows from our laws and policies is on our hands.


Media Check: Vancouver news is in for a change: More journalists, more local coverage. Sweet! Maybe I’ll actually read it instead of skipping straight to the sudoku. I’m really good at sudoku by the way.

Scumbag of the day: Kamloops man sues 10-year-old girl after jogging into her bike. Read that again. Jogging into her bike. I’m going to sue the Rickshaw because the floor kept slamming into my knees.

Ableism of the day: The miracle medication: no prescription required.

Worst and most unimaginative April Fools joke: Vancouver to become new BC capital, government moving to Vancouver Art Gallery building. Derp.

True story of the day: How seagulls, pepperoni got Dartmouth man banned from posh B.C. hotel.

Low hanging fruit of the day: Canucks fans bid goodbye to Sedin twins with farewell riot.

Art of the day: Hijab scrutinized in art installation at SkyTrain station.

Heads Up: Solidarity Vigil with Palestine – Denounce Land Day Massacre.

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  1. When dishwashers posit on developers, the former incapable of discerning that individual English words can have different meanings in different contexts. Like people who think that exploitation is always a bad word.

    Look, if property is bought with the sole intent to flip at a higher price, that’s speculation, and has a gambling element. Conversely, land assemblies for re-development can take years to complete before home building can occur (and after a couple years of expensive & tortuous approvals processes). Often, with the price of land so dear, earnings are only made on the sale of units in the building, not on eventual land value.

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