Ocean Wise Sustainable Seafood Program Takes Off With Japan Airlines

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Vancouver, BC | The Ocean Wise seafood program has partnered with international airline Japan Airlines to bring sustainable seafood to the skies from Vancouver to Tokyo. The new JAL Business Class western menu will feature Ocean Wise halibut as the seafood option for travelers.

This is the first international airline to join the Ocean Wise seafood program and the menu is now available on direct flights from Vancouver International Airport to Tokyo Narita Airport. Passengers in business class will have the option to make an ocean-friendly choice by selecting the Ocean Wise halibut fillet with gnocchi and white asparagus carbonara.

“This is an exciting first for our Ocean Wise seafood program as we continue to expand the range of partners we work with and grow our reach into new markets,” said Ann-Marie Copping, Ocean Wise seafood program manager. “Seafood is such an important part of Japanese culture and dining and we’ve seen increasing interest in incorporating sustainability into menus and markets. Japan Airlines brings their customers only the best experience at 30,000 feet and that now includes the option to enjoy delicious, sustainable halibut with our assurance it’s an ocean-friendly choice.”

In recent years, Ocean Wise has been building relationships with like-minded Japanese-based organizations including Seafood Legacy. Both are part of the Global Seafood Ratings Alliance, an alliance of non-governmental organizations each focused on improving the health of the world’s oceans and the fisheries they support by implementing programs that rate and promote sustainable seafood products. Together these organizations are working on new ways to educate consumers and build awareness about sustainable seafood. Late last year Ocean Wise Chef Ned Bell spoke at Seafood Legacy’s Sustainable Seafood Conference in Tokyo and engaged his peers in Japan about how chefs can play a role.

Sustainability is a focus for Japan Airlines and the organization has a number of environmental policies in place to address its business activities, including noise pollution and carbon emissions. Joining the Ocean Wise seafood program is the latest step.

“We are extremely thrilled to partner with Ocean Wise in the sustainable seafood movement. We are very honoured to be the first international airline to join the Ocean Wise seafood program. Our new relationship is a very important one as it is our social responsibility as an international air carrier to protect the environment. Issues facing society are always changing due to developments in society and the environment. JAL Group has used ISO 26000 and SDGs (Global Sustainable Development Goals) to identify the Group’s three key issues (materiality) – Coexist with the Earth, Contribute to Communities, and Nurture Future Generations. By offering our passengers ocean-friendly options we provide awareness and the opportunity to make sustainable seafood choices. We look forward to working with the Ocean Wise team to create more awareness about this significant program,” said Satoshi Abe, VP and Regional Manager Americas, Pacific Northwest.

Japan Airlines is the second airline to join the Ocean Wise program; Air North recently joined as a domestic partner in Canada.

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