On the Story of Angostura Bitters and Making Burgers the Old Fashioned Way

The trek to Richmond is well worth it to grab a bowl of pho from Banh Mi Tres Bon — Mia Stainsby reports.

In case you missed it, here’s a brief education on everyone’s favourite local crustacean.

Caliburger’s hyped-up, burger-flipping robot can’t do the job right, gets taken off the line.

Eater takes issue with USA Today’s recent story on female chefs in every state in the US. Here’s their humourous response to the rather reductive list.

Also in Eater, a look at the creative processes behind the new Noma’s dreamy menu.

How did Angostura become a ubiquitous cocktail ingredient? Munchie’s explains how the bitters are now staple behind every bar.

L’Abattoir will play host to Michelin Star Chef Lee Wolen of Chicago for Vancouver’s first ever Michelin On The Road dinner.

Toronto is putting retired TTC vehicles to good use as local charities transform the buses into mobile food markets.

The Acorn’s chef, Brian Luptak, sits down with Scout to discuss his favourite local dishes, strange talents and curse word of choice.

The 10th Annual Chinese Restaurant Diners’ Choice Awards were announced last week with  Mott32 taking home the award for best fine dining and Chef Tony Seafood Restaurant being named best dim sum.

Drinking via Instagram honours this week go to @vuittonc because who doesn’t want to sidle up to the bar at Chambar for a cocktail?

Philadelphia’s Colin O’Neill on his experience working in the craft cocktail world as a trans bartender.

“There’s always an element in hospitality of just how much of yourself you want to give up to your guests. That part of my identity—my trans-ness—it’s precious in some ways. It can be perceived by some people who know what to look for but it can be totally missed by other people who have never met a trans person before. When I’m interacting with guests, there’s always a question about how important it is for them to know who I am as a person.”

A rare zero star review from New York Times’ food critic Pete Wells for a NYC outpost of Beijing’s DaJong restaurant.

Colette Grand Cafe is now open in the former Holts Cafe space in Holt Renfrew. Take a look inside!

With the recent loss of thousands of food manufacturing jobs in the country, Canada now has the opportunity to pivot it’s food industry to appeal to a new generation of consumers moving away from big name brands.

“The pace of this demographic shift is spectacular. We’re seeing more consolidation in food processing around the globe because consumers in the Western world are looking for something different, organic and local. Many of the brands we all know don’t appeal to people looking for what are known as value-based brands.”

Not all foods that are delicious are instagram-worthy. Case in point: the Hawaiian plate lunch.

A simple and fascinating technique for reducing the acidic burn when eating copious amounts of pineapple.

The dictionary just got a little longer after adding a few new food words such as “poke,” “unoaked” and “harissa.”

Looking for work in the industry? Check out who’s hiring!

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